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Healing the Web of Life Shamanic Journey Circle: March 2024

Step into your shared responsibility as a Guardian of the Earth and Caretaker of the Web of Life by Joining The Healing the Web of Life Journey Circle.

14:30 to 16:30
on Sunday 31st March 2024

at The Centre of Complementary Medicine, 13b Dragon Street, Petersfield, Hampshire GU31 4JN

Learn how to Journey and meet your Power Animal before going on a Shamanic Journey to discover your role as a Guardian of the Earth and ways that you can be involved in healing the Web of Life. Participants will be invited to share their experiences with the group. There will be a different theme each month.

There is no need to book, just turn up for a 14:30 start and pay a cash donation on the door.  The session will last for approximately 1.5 to 2 hours.

Bring your cash donation, yoga mat, blanket, cushion, notebook, pen, and eye mask/sock – drums are not required.

For further information please go to:

Interview about Shamanic Healing on Shine Radio

I was unexpectedly interviewed about Shamanic Healing by Jo Gray of Petersfield’s Shine Radio at the recent opening of The Centre of Complementary Medicine, in Petersfield.

Regenerate Yourself on Imbolc 1st February 2024

In Shamanic tribal cultures, the Medicine Wheel represents the changing seasons and natural cycles of the year. Our ancient Celtic ancestors were deeply connected to the land, the seasons, and the natural world and honoured these times with rituals and ceremonies. By following this cyclical way of life we too can be aligned with the rhythms and patterns of nature that can offer us their wisdom and support our well-being.

In England, as the great wheel turns we now find nature slowly re-emerging from the deep hibernation of Winter. The 1st of February marks the Ancient Celtic festival of Imbolc (pronounced Im-molk), the first of eight celebrations held throughout the year to herald the change of the seasons.

Imbolc is a cross-quarter or mid-season festival halfway between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. It marks the change in energy as the light starts to illuminate the end of the long, dark Winter to activate a new cycle of life, bringing the first stirrings of Spring.

Mother Earth is pregnant with the seeds of summer’s fruits, so Imbolc represents regeneration as the light returns to warm the land and nurture the new growth. As such it is linked with pregnancy and the Goddess Brigid in her role as a Maiden and fertility goddess. She rules the fire of the hearth as well as the fire of imagination through poetry and crafts. She also blessed other skills that required the use of fire, like blacksmithing.

Imbolc is symbolised by snowdrops and milk; the first plants and foods of early Spring. Ancient farmers used it to mark the start of Spring when the first baby lambs were born. They ensured lambs were born before the calves because they could survive better and provide much-needed milk after the long winter.

Over time, this day was absorbed by Christianity as the feast of St Brigid, Ireland’s Mother Saint, and one of Ireland’s three patron saints.

As nature starts to wake up, the new Spring energy invites us to celebrate a point of both seasonal and psychic transformation. We can use this phase to activate a new cycle on a personal level to bring in creative energy for new ideas and behaviours.

To clear the way for the new growth of our intentions we can start with purification, cleansing, and clearing away stagnation that built up over the winter months.

  • Open all the windows and sound cleanse each room by clapping loudly in each corner, or ringing a bell to shift stagnant energies which have built up over the long winter.
  • Burn sage with all of the windows open to remove unwanted energy and attract the new.
  • Spring clean and de-clutter your home.
  • Light a fire or candle in every room.
  • Make a list of the old things you want to let go of and burn it.
  • Collect snowdrops for the windowsill.
  • Drum, dance, recite poetry, and sing songs.
  • Brainstorm, create a vision board, and journal, to plan your new activities, ideas and ambitions for the coming year.
  • Plant seeds for new skills and hobbies: join a choir, take a class, or learn to paint or draw.

If you would like assistance with clearing out old patterns of behaviour and limiting beliefs, book a Shamanic Healing Session with Rose:

Some altar items for inspiration:

  • Incense. Myrrh, frankincense, and musk are good for creating a ritual space;
  • Basil, rosemary, and cinnamon are good for uplifting energy;
  • Red or orange candles;
  • Sun symbols;
  • Snowdrops (first flower of spring);
  • Something woollen or a sheep figure;
  • A triskele or other triple goddess symbol;
  • Early greens like wild garlic;
  • A blue cloth represents flowing water;
  • Crystals with solar or passionate associations: citrine, garnet, amber, sunstone.
Many Imbolc Blessings to all.
May your light shine brightly, may your path be clear, and may the seeds that you sow be strong and bountiful.

The other festivals are:
Spring Equinox, or Eostre, 21 March
Beltane, 1-2 May
Summer Solstice, or Litha, 21 June
Lughnasadh, or Lammas, 1-2 August
Autumn Equinox, or Mabon, 2 September
Samhain, 31 October-2 November
Winter Solstice, or Yule, 21 December

Petersfield Post 11 January 2024

The Petersfield Post has covered the opening of The Centre of Complementary Medicine at 13b Dragon Street, Petersfield, Hampshire GU31 4JN.

Rose provides Shamanic Healing on Saturdays, telephone 01730 231655 to book an appointment.

Like their Facebook Page.

Art Show: The Centre of Complementary Medicine

I am showing a framed charcoal drawing in a group exhibition at The Centre of Complementary Medicine in Petersfield.  All works are available to purchase from The Centre at 13b Dragon Street, Petersfield, Hampshire GU31 4JN. Telephone 01730 231655.

See more on their Facebook Page.

Splendid Isolation
Charcoal on Paper
78 x 62 cm

Shamanic Case Study – Distance Extraction

ML is in Shamanic training and asked me to conduct an Extraction Journey because she had perceived an intrusion and asked for assistance with its removal.

I conducted a Distance Healing Session focussing on Extraction only, which was not the complete session I would usually provide.

I journeyed to my team and we discovered three intrusions; two on the front of her torso and one on the back.  We removed the negative energy from these sites and identified that it originated from her mother.

To ensure that the intrusion does not return, we asked if there was an agreement in place.  ML had made an agreement around her mother’s behaviour which was protecting the intrusion and causing ML to repeat the pattern in her relationships.  We gave ML a new agreement so that she could change her pattern of behaviour and stop being held back in her relationships by the old one.

At the end of the session, we were sealing in the new agreement and a female nun came into view; she said she was an ancestor who had come to protect her.

In her feedback, ML said that the journey resonated for her and that she had previously been struggling to work through some of the aspects of it herself.  She confirmed that the old agreement came from her mother.

ML said that the female nun was her great-aunt from her mother’s side and is welcomed support as she works through issues surrounding her conservative religious upbringing.


Clients are usually given homework to complete after a Shamanic Healing Session. The setting of boundaries is one that often comes up after an extraction or soul retrieval to ensure the problem doesn’t return.

If we set an agreement around the event that created the Soul Loss and Intrusion, we can find that there are repeating patterns of behaviour that are difficult to change.

By changing the agreement to something positive, we can enable new ways of thinking and acting that align with our true selves and ultimately experience better outcomes in our relationships.

We will find it easier to confidently set boundaries with others so that soul loss doesn’t occur again through negative behaviour patterns.

My work is about changing behaviour to enable clients to move forward with their lives; not to create returning customers!

FHT Membership

Rose is delighted to be accepted as a Member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT), the largest organisation of Complementary Therapists in England, Ireland, and Internationally.

You can find her on the FHT Therapist Register. Clients will feel reassured knowing she is fully insured for Shamanic Healing, Energy Healing, Sound Therapy, Singing Bowls, Drumming, and Wellness Coaching.