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What is Clairaudience?

Clairaudient messages are communications received through clairaudience, a form of extrasensory perception (ESP) or psychic ability where an individual hears voices, sounds, or messages from the spiritual realm or higher planes of consciousness. Clairaudience means “clear hearing” and is one of the major psychic abilities.

For me, clairaudience developed with fragments of long-forgotten or unfamiliar songs popping into my head when I was washing up or in the shower.  If I can remember it for long enough I research the lyrics online and look for the messages. I have enjoyed listening to songs that I either don’t recall hearing or have long forgotten and I have felt supported by the messages they contain.

Characteristics of Clairaudient Messages

The notion of repetition is a characteristic for me: if I’m in the kitchen cooking I might not have time to write the lyrics down, and then when I’m walking the dog I’ll realise that I’ve forgotten.  Then a couple of days later it will come back to me and I make sure that I write it down and look it up immediately before it goes away again.

Internal Sound: These messages are often heard inside the mind, similar to thought but distinct in that they seem to come from an outside source.

External Sound: Less commonly, the messages may be heard externally, as if someone is speaking aloud to the person.

Variety of Sources: The messages can come from various sources, such as spirit guides, angels, deceased loved ones, or other spiritual entities.

Clarity and Repetition: Clairaudient messages are typically clear and distinct. Sometimes, they may be repeated to ensure the message is understood.

Guidance and Insight: These messages often provide guidance, insight, warnings, or information that can help the individual in their personal or spiritual journey.

How Clairaudience Can Manifest

We all have different experiences of clairaudience, so there is no set expectation.  Music is the only form I receive, but there are others.

Random Words or Phrases
Hearing random words or phrases that seem to pop into the mind without any apparent source.

Music or Sounds
Hearing music, sounds, or tones that have no physical source.

Names and Numbers
Receiving specific names or numbers that hold significance.

Hearing parts of conversations or dialogues, either within the mind or externally.

Developing Clairaudience

I didn’t set out to develop clairaudience; it came to me later in life after fifteen years of mediation and a plant medicine ceremony which really brought it through as a mode of communication from my spirit guides/higher self.

Regular meditation can help quiet the mind and make it easier to discern clairaudient messages.

Listening Exercises:
Practice active listening in daily life to enhance auditory perception.

Trust and Openness:
Trusting in the messages received and remaining open to the experience without scepticism.

Keeping a journal of any messages, sounds, or voices heard can help in recognizing patterns and understanding the messages more clearly.

Distinguishing Clairaudience from Mental Health Issues

Clairaudient messages are a form of spiritual communication received through the sense of hearing. They can provide valuable insights, guidance, and support. Developing this ability involves practice, openness, and discernment, ensuring that the messages received are for the highest good.

It is important to distinguish between clairaudient experiences and symptoms of mental health conditions, such as auditory hallucinations associated with disorders like schizophrenia. Clairaudient messages are typically positive, guiding, and constructive, whereas auditory hallucinations in mental health conditions can be distressing, negative, and disruptive.

Of course, addictions may be the source of the problem such as taking street drugs,  drinking too much alcohol or taking too much plant medicine.  Pharmaceutical drugs can also disrupt mental health but you must discuss this with your doctor rather than abruptly stopping the medication which may cause other problems.

Shamanic Healing

If you are experiencing distressing experiences that are in the realm of mental health issues, a Shamanic Healing Distact Session may help.  It could be a Spiritual Parasite or Entity that is controlling an aspect of your behaviour.  Such entities attach via tears in the energy body created by trauma allowing negative influences to come in and take over.  Rose uses Shamanic Techniques to remove Spiritual Parasites and negative energy and change the agreements you made that have allowed them to resonate with you so that they cannot return.

The Narcissistic Abuse Cycle

The cycle of narcissistic abuse is a repetitive and destructive pattern of behaviour often experienced in relationships with narcissists. This cycle typically consists of three main phases: idealization, devaluation, and discard.  In my experience, these phases are common to all narcissists including mothers, spouses, partners, friends, group leaders, and work colleagues.

Understanding this cycle can help you to recognize and break free from abusive relationships. Here is a detailed explanation of each phase:

Idealization Phase

During this phase, the narcissist appears charming, attentive, and loving, creating a “honeymoon” period in the relationship. This stage is also known as “love bombing” because the narcissist overwhelms you with affection, praise, and gifts.  The narcissist may flatter, shower with compliments, and make grand gestures.  If you have a history of feeling undervalued this makes you feel valued, special, and deeply connected to the narcissist, creating a strong emotional bond.  It feels wonderful and is intoxicating.

Devaluation Phase

Once you are emotionally invested, the narcissist will gradually shift towards devaluation. The narcissist begins to criticize, belittle, and manipulate, eroding self-esteem and sense of self-worth.  The narcissist may engage in verbal abuse, gaslighting, passive-aggressive behaviour, and blame-shifting.  You may feel confused, anxious, and worthless, often questioning your reality and blaming yourself for the narcissist’s behaviour.

Discard Phase

In the discard phase, the narcissist abruptly ends the relationship or distances themselves emotionally, leaving you feeling abandoned and devastated. This phase can be temporary, with the narcissist returning to restart the cycle. The narcissist may ghost, withdraw affection, or abruptly end the relationship causing intense emotional pain, confusion, and a sense of betrayal.


After the discard phase, the narcissist may attempt to re-enter your life, a tactic known as “hoovering.” This is often done to regain control and restart the cycle of abuse.  The narcissist may apologize, make promises to change, or employ manipulative tactics to draw you back causing hope for change so that you re-enter the relationship, only to repeat the cycle.

Breaking the Cycle

Recognizing the cycle of narcissistic abuse is crucial for breaking free. Here are some steps to consider:

  • Education: Learn about narcissistic personality disorder and abuse patterns to understand what you are experiencing.
  • Feelings: Tune into your feelings and if something feels wrong, pay attention.
  • Boundaries: Set and enforce strong personal boundaries to protect yourself from further harm.
  • Support: Seek support from trusted friends, family, or professional counsellors who can offer guidance and validation.
  • Self-Care: Focus on self-care and rebuilding your self-esteem and sense of self-worth.
  • No Contact: Consider implementing a “no contact” rule to fully detach from the narcissist and prevent further manipulation.

Shamanic Healing

Narcissistic abuse is often an entrenched pattern, evolving from early childhood experiences where we develop beliefs and agreements about ourselves and others.  This could take the form of “I’m not good enough” which has far-reaching consequences for people in their lives, holding them back from experiencing their true potential.  It may stop them from applying to college to do a course, sabotage them from attending an interview for their dream job, or put them in a state of depression where they don’t want to socialise.  The pattern will repeat from early childhood caregivers through friendships, work colleagues, and partners/spouses.

Talking about our problem in psychotherapy can give us a cognitive understanding of the situation, but it cannot change our programmed behaviour on a subconscious level.  Shamanic healing can break the trauma bonds with the abuser by changing the agreements that have caused them to seek a detrimental relationship.  By shifting to “I am good enough” we can step into a new manifestation of life with a new job, home, and hobbies.

Soul Retrieval will enable you to get the life-force energy back that was stolen from you, which is a very empowering experience.  This gives solid confidence which is not in ego.  Energy Body Healing will seal up the holes in your energy body so that the soul parts cannot leave again.  Spiritual Parasite / Entity Removal will remove any external negative forces that may be controlling you without you knowing, such as causing you to drink too much which leads to emotional outbursts that the entity feeds off leaving you drained. The removal of negative energy and blockages through Shamanic Extraction will help you to feel refreshed, and more energetic and give you a positive frame of mind.

For further information go to Shamanic Healing and Shamanic Techniques.  To book a free 10-minute Zoom to discuss your needs, please go to the Contact and to make an online booking go to Bookings.

What is the Jezebel Spirit?

The Jezebel Spirit can be seen in all social groups and is particularly prevalent in the various Spiritual communities based on the ‘love and light’ model.  It is most obvious in the self-appointed leaders of these groups who often claim to receive ‘insights’ and ‘downloads’ from their guides but don’t have the discernment and wisdom to see that they are from a negative influence.

Key Characteristics of the Jezebel Spirit include:

Lack of Authenticity:
The individual being controlled by the Jezebel Spirit and comes across as insincere and false.  They say what they think you need to hear to do their bidding.

Manipulation and Control:
– A Jezebel spirit is often associated with controlling and manipulative behaviours. Individuals under this influence may use deceit, flattery, and seduction to achieve their goals and maintain power over others.

Rebellion and Idolatry:
– The Jezebel spirit is linked to rebellion against authority, especially spiritual authority and Natural Law.  They look to psychics on YouTube for guidance and lead people away from a true connection to the Creator.

Seduction and Immorality:
– Sexual immorality and seduction are common traits attributed to the Jezebel spirit. This includes physical acts and leading others into moral compromise through charm and allure.

False Prophecy and Deception:
– Individuals influenced by a Jezebel spirit may falsely claim to have spiritual insights or prophetic gifts. They use these claims to deceive and mislead others, often causing division and strife within communities.

Biblical Reference
The concept is primarily derived from the story of Queen Jezebel in the books of 1 Kings and 2 Kings. Jezebel, the wife of King Ahab, promoted the worship of Baal and Asherah in Israel, opposed the prophet Elijah, and orchestrated the murder of Naboth to seize his vineyard.

Modern Usage
In contemporary usage, the term Jezebel Spirit explains behaviours that disrupt communities, families, and relationships. In Christian teachings, it’s considered a spirit that needs to be confronted and cast out through prayer, spiritual warfare, and adherence to biblical principles.

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing can assist both the victims and the perpetrators.

Rose can assist victims with Shamanic Techniques to extract negative intrusions, seal the energy body, get to the root cause of the problem, erase any detrimental subconscious programmes, retrieve lost soul parts and stolen life-force energy, and create a new way of being so that clients can shift their relationship dynamics and enjoy their lives.

Although it is unlikely that the Jezabel spirit will allow its host to either seek out or accept any healing, Rose can perform entity removal and the extraction of spiritual parasites for those who accept that they have a problem.

Resources for Further Reading

These sources provide detailed explanations and biblical context for understanding the concept of the Jezebel spirit and how it is applied in modern Christian teaching.

1. Offers a comprehensive overview of the Jezebel spirit and its characteristics.

2. Charisma Magazine: Lists traits associated with the Jezebel spirit and provides insights into dealing with this influence.

3. Bible Study Tools: Provides biblical context and interpretation related to the Jezebel spirit.

What is Narcissistic Abuse?

Narcissistic abuse refers to the psychological, emotional, and sometimes physical maltreatment inflicted by individuals with narcissistic traits or narcissistic personality disorder (NPD). This type of abuse often leaves deep, lasting impacts on victims. Here are some key aspects of narcissistic abuse:

Characteristics of Narcissistic Abuse:


  • Gaslighting: This is a form of manipulation where the abuser makes the victim doubt their reality, memory, or perceptions. It involves lying, denying facts, and twisting the truth to make the victim question their sanity​​.
  • Triangulation: The narcissist might bring in a third party to reinforce their perspective or to create jealousy and rivalry, further destabilizing the victim​.

Emotional Abuse:

  • Devaluation: After initially idealizing the victim, the narcissist begins to criticize, belittle, and demean them, stripping away their self-esteem and self-worth​.
  • Silent Treatment: Ignoring or refusing to communicate with the victim as a form of punishment or control​.

Control and Domination:

  • Isolation: Narcissistic abusers often isolate their victims from friends, family, and support systems to maintain control and dependency​​.
  • Financial Control: They may control the victim’s finances, making it difficult for them to gain independence​​.

Psychological Manipulation:

  • Love Bombing: Initially overwhelming the victim with affection, flattery, and attention to quickly gain their trust and affection​​.
  • Projection: Accusing the victim of the very behaviours and faults the narcissists exhibit themselves.

Physical and Sexual Abuse:

  • Though less common, narcissistic abuse can also involve physical and sexual violence. This aspect of abuse serves to further dominate and control the victim​​.

    Impacts on Victims:

    Psychological Effects:

    • Trauma and PTSD: Victims often experience symptoms of trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), including anxiety, flashbacks, and severe emotional distress​​.
    • Low Self-Esteem: Continuous devaluation erodes the victim’s self-esteem and self-worth, making it difficult for them to trust their own judgment​.

    Emotional and Social Effects:

    • Isolation: The victim may become isolated from their support network, feeling alone and misunderstood​.
    • Depression and Anxiety: Chronic exposure to narcissistic abuse can lead to severe depression and anxiety​.

      How You Can Heal:

      Rose can assist you with recovering from narcissistic abuse with a Shamanic Healing Session using Shamanic Techniques that will:

      • Remove negative intrusions and energy;
      • Replace lost or stolen life-force energy;
      • Discover the source of abuse;
      • Heal the original trauma;
      • Erase the programmed responses;
      • Create new empowering behaviours;
      • Seal the energy body to prevent further leakage of energy or intrusions.

      Spirit may include additional information and guidance tailored to your experience and healing process. More than one session may be required.

      Resources for Further Reading:

      These sources provide comprehensive insights into the dynamics of narcissistic abuse, its characteristics, and its profound impact on victims.

      Psychology Today:


      Verywell Mind:

      Unmet Needs & Behaviour

      In my experience, some people consider the voicing of an alternative opinion as an attack, no matter how respectful the delivery. This is because they are viewing the world through a lens of distortion based on negative experiences from the past.  This anchors them in the past and prevents them from being able to truly experience the present.

      They are on an automatic pilot, repeatedly running an old programme that makes them unable to see things differently. These programmes are formed from experiences in childhood, with negative experiences from family members often being the strongest.  So if a child has an over-critical mother they will be the most damaged, causing them to be frequently triggered throughout their lives.

      The most common negative programme is “I’m not good enough”, which wreaks havoc because it takes away our confidence in all aspects of our lives. When this program is running the ego will play a trick on their mind, causing the belief that everyone they meet will see them as a failure. If they are in a leadership position, either running their own business or social group, the false idea that everyone holds a negative opinion about every action they take will create some bizarre situations.

      Their inner critic will bombard them with negative self-talk, priming them to being over-sensitive. Then, if a co-worker or associate expresses an alternative idea or view it will be taken as a personal attack and instantly trigger a robust defence mechanism. The ego has to preserve its sense of self at all costs, even though it is a distortion. As such it will start aggressive outbursts coloured by black-and-white thinking where they are always right and the other is wrong. The wrong person will be ordered to shut up or asked to leave creating unnecessary upset for everyone involved. This is particularly damaging for those souls who have problems expressing themselves due to throat chakra blockage, which triggers them back into self-doubt.

      Over time, people will learn to keep away, but there is a solution to break these destructive patterns.

      The Shamanic Spirit Medicine Healing Method is very good at resolving behavioural issues because it is conducted in Shamanic Conciousness, outside the restrictions of time and space. The healer goes on a Shamanic Journey using the beat of the drum to put them into theta state where they can access the power for healing on behalf of the client.

      This system differs from the offerings of most contemporary Shamanic Healers in that not only does it remove blockages and negative energy, heal the energy body, and return lost life-force energy, but it also includes a technique that gets to the root cause of the problem, preventing it from recurring by reprogramming the subconscious.

      By accessing Spirit Mind we can go into the limbic part of the brain to erase disempowering beliefs and consciously select positive ones to make permanent changes to the automatic operating system.  This process lays new foundations for more positive belief systems that will change instinctual response patterns and drive a behaviour change, assisting the achievement of better outcomes in all areas of life.

      For further information please go to the Shamanic Healing page.

      Rose can work with you face-to-face or remotely via distance sessions, which are just as effective.  She provides Shamanic Healing at The Centre of Complementary Medicine 13b Dragon Street, Petersfield, Hampshire GU31 4JN. For an appointment please telephone 01730 231655.

      She takes bookings for distance sessions directly. To make an appointment please go to the Bookings Page.

      Clair Audience – Messages from our Guides

      I recently had the pleasurable experience of a song coming into my head which gave me messages about my current state of mind. I hadn’t listened to Joe Jackson’s Steppin’ Out since 2020, when it first came to me as a Clair Audient message. I had forgotten about it until it popped into my head again whilst I was washing up and I had to wrack my brain to remember who wrote it. It brought tears to my eyes once again as it beautifully addressed some recent personal issues.

      You can listen to it here:

      During 2019 and 2020 I had several experiences where a song was playing in my head that I hadn’t heard before and when I researched the lyrics there was always a message relating to my life at that time.

      The development of Clair Audience happened to me in early 2019, after having had a profound plant medicine experience.  I later realised that the medicine had fully opened my Crown Chakra and activated my Clair Senses.

      Clair Audience is the ability to hear sound through the inner ear of the mind and can be used as a channel of communication by our spirit guides or higher selves.

      It is important to distinguish between music playing in the head as a message and the common phenomenon of ‘earworms’. These usually happen when we hear an annoying track on the radio whilst in a taxi or shop only for a snippet of it to return later to torture us, particularly before sleep.

      Clair Audience was not related to the earworm phenomenon for me, as at that time I lived rurally and rarely entered places where music was playing. Additionally, I had not been listening to contemporary music regularly for at least ten years; I had mainly listened to podcasts and YouTube videos for research purposes and some choral or classical music. This was the opposite of how I was up to my early 30s when I had been an avid fan of many genres, particularly dance and house music.

      Initially, the songs that came to my mind were fragments of songs related to the music I heard in my teens, during the early 1990s, which had been a challenging time for me. The lyrics related to my current emotional state and took me back on a journey through time to the events that had originally caused the emotions, enabling me to heal by releasing the sadness locked in my heart.

      Sometimes the songs would be new to me; ones that I hadn’t consciously listened to as a child, teenager, or young adult. These were much harder to work with as they would start with only a couple of lyrics. I would try to focus on them to get enough for a lyric search. Then I focussed on hearing a melody to identify it from all of the similar tracks on YouTube. But the research came together very quickly and I soon found the complete lyrics and song.

      I was drawn to repeating these songs over and over to really hear the messages that were being delivered by my guides and that practice delivered a beautiful form of healing.

      Interview about Shamanic Healing on Shine Radio

      I was unexpectedly interviewed about Shamanic Healing by Jo Gray of Petersfield’s Shine Radio at the recent opening of The Centre of Complementary Medicine, in Petersfield.

      Petersfield Post 11 January 2024

      The Petersfield Post has covered the opening of The Centre of Complementary Medicine at 13b Dragon Street, Petersfield, Hampshire GU31 4JN.

      Rose provides Shamanic Healing on Saturdays, telephone 01730 231655 to book an appointment.

      Like their Facebook Page.


      Clients are usually given homework to complete after a Shamanic Healing Session. The setting of boundaries is one that often comes up after an extraction or soul retrieval to ensure the problem doesn’t return.

      If we set an agreement around the event that created the Soul Loss and Intrusion, we can find that there are repeating patterns of behaviour that are difficult to change.

      By changing the agreement to something positive, we can enable new ways of thinking and acting that align with our true selves and ultimately experience better outcomes in our relationships.

      We will find it easier to confidently set boundaries with others so that soul loss doesn’t occur again through negative behaviour patterns.

      My work is about changing behaviour to enable clients to move forward with their lives; not to create returning customers!

      Shamanic Healing – Talk and Taster Journey

      The Centre of Complementary Medicine has moved to a beautiful new building in Dragon Street, Petersfield.  To celebrate the opening practitioners are hosting an open day giving talks, taster sessions, and demonstrations about their healing modalities.

      on Saturday 13th January 2024
      from 10:00 until 12:00

      at The Centre of Complementary Medicine
      13a Dragon Street, Petersfield GU31 4JN

      I will be talking about the ancient healing art of Shamanism and how it can support your health, vitality, and well-being. Participants can also take part in a Shamanic Journey to connect with the web of life. No need to book – just turn up on the day. The opening ceremony will start at 10:00.

      About Shamanic Healing

      I conduct Shamanic Journey sessions with a traditional drumming method used by indigenous cultures for over 50,000 years to heal physical illnesses, clear trauma, and change unwanted patterns of behaviour.  Through the repetitive beat of the drum, I access shamanic consciousness using it as a tool to shift the deep, subconscious agreements we hold about ourselves.

      Healing occurs by restoring the physical, mental, emotional, and energetic body to balance and wholeness, which in turn heals the soul and spirit.  This promotes personal transformation and empowerment, enabling clients to reach their full potential.

      Each session includes a tailored combination of Power Animal Retrieval, Divination, Soul Retrieval, Energy Body Healing, Changing Agreements, Psychopomp, and removing negative energy and blockages through Shamanic Extraction. Shamanic Healing can be performed face-to-face or remotely via distance sessions, which are just as effective.

      I am a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists and fully insured. I have completed over 120 hours of training during my Shamanic Apprenticeship with Scott Silverston, founder of Shamanic Spirit Medicine.

      Further Information

      Shamanic Healing Sessions are available at
      The Centre of Complementary Medicine, 13b Dragon Street, Petersfield, Hampshire GU31 4JN. To book an appointment please telephone 01730 231655. £155.00 per session.

      Distance Healing Sessions can be booked via my website here:

      FHT Membership

      Rose is delighted to be accepted as a Member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT), the largest organisation of Complementary Therapists in England, Ireland, and Internationally.

      You can find her on the FHT Therapist Register. Clients will feel reassured knowing she is fully insured for Shamanic Healing, Energy Healing, Sound Therapy, Singing Bowls, Drumming, and Wellness Coaching.

      Genetics: MTHFR & B-Vitamin Deficiency

      About MTHFR

      People with MTHFR gene mutations cannot process synthetic B vitamins. Diagnosis is via a saliva test which tests your genes. If you feel too overwhelmed to do this test Dr Ben Lynch, an expert on MTHFR, says you can just take the methylated B12 and Folate along with a good methylated B complex and see if helps your anxiety and depression within three to six months.

      MTHFR may increase the risk of:

      • Learning disorders;
      • Mood disorders;
      • Fibromyalgia;
      • Neurodegeneration;
      • Heart disease;
      • Digestive issues;
      • Addictive behaviours;
      • Down Syndrome;
      • Autoimmunity;
      • Chronic Fatigue;
      • Allergies;
      • Hormonal issues;
      • Food sensitivities;
      • Sleep disturbance;
      • Anxiety; and
      • Depression.

      Genetic Testing

      Genetic testing is relatively new and, as such, there is very little information available on the impact that damaged genes will have on the way the body functions. Everyone inherits two copies of each gene, one from their mother and one from their father. If you have two defective genes you are homozygous and you may experience worse symptoms than heterozygous people who have only one.

      Remember that mutations mean that there is a ‘risk’ – it’s not always a certainty or a diagnosis. Some companies offer specific genetic tests to access your entire genome by doing a saliva test. The advantage of doing your whole genome is that you can find out about many other genetic issues, not just MTHFR. You can then upload your results to a site like Livewello and search in the sandbox for individual rs codes (eg rs225014).


      Low B12 has been linked with depression and anxiety. Get your Active B12 tested by blood test either via your GP or the Medichecks finger prick home test. Ask your GP for a printout of your results and check them yourself – your result should be in the upper quarter of the range.

      Supplements to Support MTHFR Mutations

      Dr Ben Lynch, an MTHFR expert, says that if you have depression or anxiety and you can’t afford the 23andMe test you can supplement with the methylated versions of B12 and Folic Acid and see if you feel better.

      The methylated version of B12 is Methylcobalamin.

      The methylated version of Folic Acid is Folate or Folinic Acid.

      You can increase your levels with B12 injections. It is best taken sublingually by sucking B12 lozenges, or using a spray.

      Always take individual B12 alongside a good B-Vitamin Complex.

      A good methylated complex is Jarrow B Right. I take one capsule in the morning and one at lunch.

      B vitamins are water-soluble which means the excess is excreted through urine so you can’t overdose.

      Take B supplements in a split dose at breakfast and lunch to give you energy throughout the day. Keep a diary and note down when you started the supplement and how you feel.

      Further Information

      Dr Ben Lynch’s website:

      There is a chapter by Ben Lynch in the new Stop the Thyroid Madness II book.

      Support Groups

      MTHFR – Understanding Gene Mutations and Epigenetics:


      Overcoming Narcissistic Abuse

      This is an excellent article, written by my teacher Scott Silverston, explaining narcissistic abuse from a Shamanic perspective:

      Watch an interview with Scott Silverston on narcissistic abuse here:

      Natural Healing After Hysterectomy

      Having had two months of prolonged bleeding during menstruation I ended up in A&E at QA in Cosham for urine retention. I remained in hospital for a week on a catheter whilst having two blood transfusions and various investigations. A CT scan showed an 11cm x 11cm fibroid attached down one side to the muscle core of my uterus, which had been sitting on my bladder causing the urine retention. I was advised to have an emergency hysterectomy due to the risk of further bleeding. They were so busy I had to wait five agonising weeks while taking blood clotting medication to stop me from bleeding out. It was a very stressful time. My haemoglobin was still low before the operation so I had to have another blood transfusion the day before surgery for them to be able perform the operation. Fortunately my blood loss during the operation was minimal so another blood transfusion was not required but due to issues with my bowel I remained in hospital for another week.

      Here are my post operative experiences which I treated naturally.


      I spoke to a homeopath at Helios (a homeopathic remedies company who can be contacted on 01892 537254) and asked her which remedies she recommended for hysterectomy. She gave me a combination remedy for surgery to help bruising and inflammation which contains Arnica, Bellis Perennis, Calendula, Hypericum, and Staphysagria. All of these can be found as separate remedies in the Helios Basic Kit but I chose to buy the combination bottle so that I didn’t have to take my kit into hospital. I also took a remedy called Anaesthetic to clear the general anaesthetic out of my system (which isn’t in the Basic Kit).

      I started the remedies on day two in hospital according to the directions and I came off the painkillers after around eight days which I put down to having had the remedy and the binding. My swelling also went down during the second week which can also be due to the help of both the homeopathy and the binding.

      Gut Issues

      The painkillers I was given in hospital were in tablet form: Tramadol, Codine, and Paracetamol and these made my stomach upset so I was given anti nausea medication. I started to eat again but I found the hospital food very heavy. After two days I ended up vomiting 4 litres of liquid over an 8 hour period – everything that I had eaten since the operation. This meant I had to be on a drip for a day.

      I later discovered that during the operation the bowel is moved up and an out of the way and that this causes aggravation, which is normal. I wasn’t aware of this in advance and I believe that I should have been put on more simple foods to give my bowl chance to recover. Instead they put me on normal food and laxatives which didn’t work for me.

      I eventually went home on day six where I gave myself bone broth and pureed fruit for a few days, followed by vegan yoghurt and banana. I then introduced Yorkshire puddings into which I poured the bone broth, and organic soups. I was craving carbs so I bought french fries which were thin and soft and also garlic french bread which was soft and easy to digest.

      I stopped the laxatives when I returned home and instead took a table spoon of organic Flax Oil every morning. You can also take a table spoon of Psyllium Husks in water if extra help is required but I didn’t need this as I soon started having regular bowel movements.

      After a week I went onto muesli for breakfast, soup for lunch, and a normal dinner such as chicken with rice. I haven’t had any further bowel issues.

      I would recommend drinking bone broth to heal the gut and only eating simple foods such as soup and pureed fruit for the first week of recovery, particularly the first few days.


      I tried belly binding after the birth of my second child by c-section which involved wearing a corset to keep the abdomen supported which in turn helped the incision to heal. I bought three step-in/pull-up corsets from John Lewis so that I could wash them and fortunately I kept them. A hysterectomy involves removal of the womb causing a gap to occur which can cause problems for the surrounding organs. Binding causes gentle compression that holds muscle and ligaments in place and which may help the organs to gently shift into a new position. I waited until my incision was healed and dry before wearing them. If found it helpful for lessening the pain of daily activities, the abdominal swelling reduced within a couple of days of wearing it. I intend to wear them for six to eight weeks which is the estimated recovery period for a hysterectomy.

      Shamanic Healing

      I asked a Shaman friend of mine to perform a removal of negative energy and a soul retrieval for my by distance session while I was in the hospital. She successfully removed a small amount of ‘grey’ energy from the space that was left where my womb was removed and she also returned some soul parts which gave me more power and energy. I found this power useful when the staff were badgering me to leave hospital on day two. I told them in the afternoon that I was in pain and that I didn’t feel confident leaving. I refused to leave and by the evening I had started to vomit so I’m glad that I stood my ground as I would never have managed fourteen vomits which totalled four litres on my own at home.

      Cranial Osteopathy

      I had already been seeing Josephine Luard at The Centre of Complementary Medicine in Petersfield for an ongoing neck problem so I understood the benefits of the treatment for the whole body. I saw her two weeks after the operation, and booked in for a week after that, and then fortnightly, and finally monthly. She was able to assist with adjusting the organs and the spinal fluid to support my recovery. She also helped to bring my emotions up to be dealt with and after the first session I had quite a big grieving process for the loss of my womb. I would recommend this treatment post operatively and after child birth.


      I have received regular acupuncture for hormonal balancing over the last ten years, which I have found to be very effective. I went to The Centre of Complementary Medicine in Petersfield to see Tamara Kircher on the weeks when I wasn’t having cranial with Josephine. After one session my liver had cleared and my concentration dramatically improved. I also had a lot of release of emotion which had been blocked in my womb space and after two sessions the feelings of grief gradually subsided.

      Shamanic Journey Work

      One of the biggest problems I had after the surgery was the inability to meditate or do my Shamanic journey work. My connection to my higher self, spirit guides, and the Father had been cut. My teacher, Scott Silverston, described opiate painkillers as being like a dark hood over the head, blocking the crown chakra. I attempted meditation and repeated the visits to my spirit guides every day and eventually managed to get back into my routine after a week of very dedicated practice. I was shocked to hear from Scott that the disconnection I felt after my surgery is how most people feel on a daily basis.

      Sexual Issues

      It is standard procedure at Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth to remove the cervix during the hysterectomy. I requested to keep my cervix because I had read that it leads to shortening of the vagina which can cause sexual problems for some women. I’m glad that I did because after the procedure my consultant phone me to ask how I was getting on. I asked her what problems might occur and she said ‘sexual problems’ but that I wouldn’t be affected because ‘I kept my cervix’. It begs the question why they remove the cervix as standard if they know that it causes problems? My advice is to read up on this issue and to ask to keep it if you don’t want to take the risk of having your sex life affected.

      Shamanic Equipment

      Rose is very pleased with the sound of her bespoke Red Deer hide Shamanic drum handmade in Lancashire by Nicola Smalley at Anglezarke Hallows.

      The Red Deer hide cape was handmade in Scotland by Anthony Right at Barrhead Leather.

      Rose made her own headdress using English Pheasant feathers and ethically sourced Red Deer Antlers.