Shamanic Healing

Rose has completed 120 hours of training, including Advanced Shamanic Practices, during a Shamanic Apprenticeship with Scott Silverston, founder of the Shamanic Spirit Medicine Healing System.

This system differs from the offerings of most Shamanic Healers in that not only does it remove blockages and negative energy, and return lost life-force energy, but it also includes a technique that gets to the root cause of the problem, preventing it from recurring by reprogramming the subconscious.

Over the years, trauma, negative experiences, and stress help to develop automatic fight-or-flight responses, which cannot be consciously controlled. These subconscious programmes exist as a series of beliefs or agreements that we have made in response to certain situations throughout our lifetime.

They run our lives by triggering extreme emotions, repeating negative patterns of behaviour, or creating damaging reactions. By accessing Spirit Mind we can go into the limbic part of the brain to erase disempowering beliefs and consciously select positive ones to make permanent changes to the automatic operating system.

“Shamanic Spirit Medicine uses shamanic journeys to overwrite dysfunctional and self-limiting imprints and replace them with optimally functioning ones.  This process allows you to change at the most fundamental level, to grow and live your full potential.”

Scott Silverston

This process lays new foundations for more positive belief systems that will change instinctual response patterns and in turn drive a behaviour change, helping you to achieve better outcomes in all areas of your life.

It is the shift in energy occurring on a subconscious level that distinguishes this work from psychoanalysis or counselling, which can only give us a cognitive understanding of the situation rather than any real behaviour change.

For example, someone who feels that they were abandoned in childhood may hold a subconscious agreement that they are not worthy of love and appreciation from others, which could manifest as a fear of public speaking. Shamanic work goes beneath the trauma, directly into the limbic system, to remove old programs of behaviour and reprogram the mental computer system to bring you back into right-relationship.

Sources of trauma for both men and women may include, but are not limited to:

  • empath relationships with narcissists;
  • accidents;
  • physical and emotional abuse during childhood;
  • domestic abuse from a spouse or partner;
  • bullying in the workplace;
  • disrespectful friendships;
  • physical attacks;
  • online bullying;
  • all forms of sexual abuse.

Rose can treat physical illnesses such as chronic fatigue and digestive issues; alter relationship patterns; shift a lack of abundance and money issues; remove unconscious habits; and release unwanted behaviours and ways of being.

Usually, the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of an illness cannot heal until the spiritual aspect is healed.

Rose will focus on the spiritual aspect of your illness; removing the blockages that obstruct the flow of life force energy and returning the divine light that was lost through negative life experiences.

Healing occurs by restoring the physical, mental, emotional, and energetic body to balance and wholeness.  This nourishes the soul and spirit, promoting personal growth and empowerment so that you can find a new way of being and reach your full potential. 

She will also support your personal development work by removing negative thinking patterns and psychological blockages that may affect your relationships, work, and quality of life.

As well as healing your physical and mental ailments, this work aims to reconnect you to your spiritual journey and support you towards listening to your inner guidance for personal sovereignty and empowerment so that you can fully enjoy your life and fulfil your potential.

Each session includes a tailored combination of Power Animal Retrieval, Divination, Soul Retrieval, Energy Body Healing, Changing Agreements, Psychopomp, and removing negative energy and blockages through Shamanic Extraction.

Shamanic Spirit Medicine helps us heal on our most fundamental level.  We release behaviors that no longer serve us and embrace new ways of being which allow us to live our full potential.

Scott Silverston

Rose can work with you face-to-face or remotely via distance sessions, which are just as effective.

Rose provides Shamanic Healing at The Centre of Complementary Medicine 13b Dragon Street, Petersfield, Hampshire GU31 4JN. For an appointment please telephone 01730 231655.

She takes bookings for distance sessions directly. To make an appointment please go to the Bookings Page.