Shamanic Healing

Rose has four years of experience in Shamanic Healing having completed 120 hours of training, including Advanced Shamanic Practices, during an Apprenticeship with Scott Silverston, founder of the Shamanic Spirit Medicine Healing System.

This system is unique because it removes blockages and negative energy, seals the energy body, returns lost life-force energy, and reaches the root cause of the problem by reprogramming the subconscious mind.

By promoting healing on a fundamental level, you will release unwanted behaviour and embrace new ways of being that create better relationships and enjoyment of life, allowing you to reach your full potential.

Over the years, trauma and stressful experiences develop automatic fight-or-flight reactions, which cannot be consciously controlled. These subconscious programmes are a series of beliefs or agreements made in response to negative experiences, particularly in early childhood.

They run your life by creating negative thinking patterns and psychological blockages which trigger extreme emotions, damaging reactions, and unwanted behaviours that are detrimental to your quality of life and those around you.

Through Shamanic Drumming, Rose will go on a Shamanic Journey to access Spirit Mind and permanently change the limbic part of your brain by erasing dysfunctional and disempowering programmes and then consciously selecting empowering ones to promote optimal performance.

This process lays new foundations for more positive belief systems that will change instinctual response patterns, driving changes in behaviour that will help you to achieve better outcomes in all areas of your life.

The reprogramming of the subconscious mind distinguishes this form of Shamanic Healing from psychoanalysis or counselling, which can only ever give us a cognitive understanding of a situation rather than any real behavioural change.

Rose can also treat the spiritual aspect of mental disorders, addictions, and physical illnesses such as chronic fatigue and digestive issues. Often the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of illness cannot heal until the spiritual cause has been resolved.

By removing the blockages in the energy body and chakras that obstruct the flow of life force energy, Rose can return the divine light that has been lost. Healing occurs by restoring the body’s physical, mental, emotional, and energetic parts to balance and wholeness and by nourishing the soul and spirit. 

Each session includes a tailored combination of Shamanic Techniques including Power Animal Retrieval, Divination, Soul Retrieval, Energy Body Healing, Changing Agreements, Psychopomp, Spiritual Parasite Clearing, and the removal of negative energy and blockages through Shamanic Extraction.

Rose can work with you face-to-face with in-person sessions in central Petersfield, or remotely via distance healing sessions, which are just as effective. To book an appointment please go to the Bookings Page.

To arrange a free 10-minute chat for you to ask any questions about the session please go to the Contact Page.

Rose has a holistic approach to health and provides Wellness Coaching for clients who want to maintain the optimal functioning of their body.