Shamanic Techniques

Rose works without the use of hallucinogenic or psychedelic plant medicines. As with the majority of shamanic tribal cultures, she utilises an established drumming technique to access an altered state of consciousness similar to that achieved during her meditation practice.

In this state, she becomes a Hollow Bone* and can facilitate healing on a Spiritual level according to the particular needs of the client outside of the limitations of time and space.

Each session will bring you back into balance with a tailored combination of Power Animal Retrieval, Divination, Soul Retrieval, Energy Body Healing, changing agreements, Psychopomp, and Shamanic Extraction to remove negative energy. More than one session may be required.


If a Power Animal has been lost, its reinstatement is fundamental to health to make the body powerful again. It enables one to resist the intrusion of illness, contagious disease, and other external negative forces. It will also increase physical energy, mental alertness, and self-confidence. The loss of this energising force may cause us to become depressed, weak, or prone to illness.

Divination was a tool used by Shamans in Tribal Cultures to look for sources of fresh water, suitable camping sites, and to locate animals for hunting.  We can use it in a session to receive messages from Spirit Guides as to whether a course of action is presently appropriate.

Soul Retrieval returns lost or stolen soul parts or life force energy.  A traumatic car accident may cause us to leave parts of ourselves at that time and place, or a narcissist may forcibly steal our energy over many years causing us to diminish in personal power.   During a Shamanic Journey, these displaced aspects of ourselves can be retrieved and returned, which is very empowering and improves confidence.

There is no point in reinstating life force energy into a leaky container. Energy Body Healing can be done in two ways; by physically holding two palms over the joints and chakras during an in-person session, or it can be performed by a Spirit Guide during a distance session.  The aim is to close tears and holes in the energy body to prevent further life-force energy from escaping.




Based on the shamanic principle of healing the spirit, Shamanic Extraction is a core component of a session.  Removing blockages creates a smooth and efficient flow of life force energy. Once this flow is reinstated we can regain the health and vitality previously lost as a result of life’s traumas.

By Changing Agreements about our perception of the world, we can eliminate the behaviours that contributed to soul loss, allowing a new cycle to begin that harnesses renewed empowerment.  Most Shamanic Healers do not change agreements, so clients must return for repeated Extraction and Soul Retrieval.

Psychopomp is the process of allowing the Spirit of a deceased loved one to cross over into the Spirit World.  Sometimes our love is so strong that we can unwittingly hold a Spirit back from crossing and keep them in a state of limbo.   This would be performed in a stand-alone session and there would be the opportunity to have a dialogue with the Spirit before letting go and saying goodbye.

The shamanic way of healing physical and mental ailments is very powerful, but it should not be considered as an exclusive method of treating illness. Often dietary changes, vitamin and mineral supplementation, and the use of herbs or crystals may be required along with lifestyle changes to remain in spiritual balance and right-relationship.  Rose has a holistic approach to health, providing Wellness Coaching for clients who want to complete their healing process by looking at their lifestyle choices.

Rose believes her practice to be complementary to orthodox medical or psychological treatment and she doesn’t encourage her clients to go against medical advice.

* The ceremonial chief of the Teton Sioux, Fools Crow, described himself as a ‘clean, hollow bone’ through which Wakan-Tanka’s (The Great Mystery’s) powers were funnelled.  He explained that Medicine and Holy people are the cleanest bones because they have overcome self-serving egos.  The cleaner the bone, the more power you can pour through it, and the faster it will run.  What we hollow bones really become is the pipeline that connects Wakan Tanka with our community.


Rose can work with you face-to-face or remotely via distance sessions, which are just as effective.  In-person sessions are available in central Petersfield. To book an appointment please go to the Bookings Page.

To arrange a free 20-minute chat for you to ask any questions about the session, please go to the Contact Page.

Cancellation Policy

Please note that if you cancel your appointment with less than 72 hours’ notice a 50% cancellation fee will apply.  For cancellations with less than 48 hours notice a 100% fee is changed.