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I recently had the pleasurable experience of a song coming into my head which gave me messages about my current state of mind. I hadn’t listened to Joe Jackson’s Steppin’ Out since 2020, when it first came to me as a Clair Audient message. I had forgotten about it until it popped into my head again whilst I was washing up and I had to wrack my brain to remember who wrote it. It brought tears to my eyes once again as it beautifully addressed some recent personal issues.

You can listen to it here:

During 2019 and 2020 I had several experiences where a song was playing in my head that I hadn’t heard before and when I researched the lyrics there was always a message relating to my life at that time.

The development of Clair Audience happened to me in early 2019, after having had a profound plant medicine experience.  I later realised that the medicine had fully opened my Crown Chakra and activated my Clair Senses.

Clair Audience is the ability to hear sound through the inner ear of the mind and can be used as a channel of communication by our spirit guides or higher selves.

It is important to distinguish between music playing in the head as a message and the common phenomenon of ‘earworms’. These usually happen when we hear an annoying track on the radio whilst in a taxi or shop only for a snippet of it to return later to torture us, particularly before sleep.

Clair Audience was not related to the earworm phenomenon for me, as at that time I lived rurally and rarely entered places where music was playing. Additionally, I had not been listening to contemporary music regularly for at least ten years; I had mainly listened to podcasts and YouTube videos for research purposes and some choral or classical music. This was the opposite of how I was up to my early 30s when I had been an avid fan of many genres, particularly dance and house music.

Initially, the songs that came to my mind were fragments of songs related to the music I heard in my teens, during the early 1990s, which had been a challenging time for me. The lyrics related to my current emotional state and took me back on a journey through time to the events that had originally caused the emotions, enabling me to heal by releasing the sadness locked in my heart.

Sometimes the songs would be new to me; ones that I hadn’t consciously listened to as a child, teenager, or young adult. These were much harder to work with as they would start with only a couple of lyrics. I would try to focus on them to get enough for a lyric search. Then I focussed on hearing a melody to identify it from all of the similar tracks on YouTube. But the research came together very quickly and I soon found the complete lyrics and song.

I was drawn to repeating these songs over and over to really hear the messages that were being delivered by my guides and that practice delivered a beautiful form of healing.


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