Unmet Needs & Behaviour

In my experience, some people consider the voicing of an alternative opinion as an attack, no matter how respectful the delivery. This is because they are viewing the world through a lens of distortion based on negative experiences from the past.  This anchors them in the past and prevents them from being able to truly experience the present.

They are on an automatic pilot, repeatedly running an old programme that makes them unable to see things differently. These programmes are formed from experiences in childhood, with negative experiences from family members often being the strongest.  So if a child has an over-critical mother they will be the most damaged, causing them to be frequently triggered throughout their lives.

The most common negative programme is “I’m not good enough”, which wreaks havoc because it takes away our confidence in all aspects of our lives. When this program is running the ego will play a trick on their mind, causing the belief that everyone they meet will see them as a failure. If they are in a leadership position, either running their own business or social group, the false idea that everyone holds a negative opinion about every action they take will create some bizarre situations.

Their inner critic will bombard them with negative self-talk, priming them to being over-sensitive. Then, if a co-worker or associate expresses an alternative idea or view it will be taken as a personal attack and instantly trigger a robust defence mechanism. The ego has to preserve its sense of self at all costs, even though it is a distortion. As such it will start aggressive outbursts coloured by black-and-white thinking where they are always right and the other is wrong. The wrong person will be ordered to shut up or asked to leave creating unnecessary upset for everyone involved. This is particularly damaging for those souls who have problems expressing themselves due to throat chakra blockage, which triggers them back into self-doubt.

Over time, people will learn to keep away, but there is a solution to break these destructive patterns.

The Shamanic Spirit Medicine Healing Method is very good at resolving behavioural issues because it is conducted in Shamanic Conciousness, outside the restrictions of time and space. The healer goes on a Shamanic Journey using the beat of the drum to put them into theta state where they can access the power for healing on behalf of the client.

This system differs from the offerings of most contemporary Shamanic Healers in that not only does it remove blockages and negative energy, heal the energy body, and return lost life-force energy, but it also includes a technique that gets to the root cause of the problem, preventing it from recurring by reprogramming the subconscious.

By accessing Spirit Mind we can go into the limbic part of the brain to erase disempowering beliefs and consciously select positive ones to make permanent changes to the automatic operating system.  This process lays new foundations for more positive belief systems that will change instinctual response patterns and drive a behaviour change, assisting the achievement of better outcomes in all areas of life.

For further information please go to the Shamanic Healing page.

Rose can work with you face-to-face or remotely via distance sessions, which are just as effective.  She provides Shamanic Healing at The Centre of Complementary Medicine 13b Dragon Street, Petersfield, Hampshire GU31 4JN. For an appointment please telephone 01730 231655.

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