Shamanic Case Study – Distance Extraction

ML is in Shamanic training and asked me to conduct an Extraction Journey because she had perceived an intrusion and asked for assistance with its removal.

I conducted a Distance Healing Session focussing on Extraction only, which was not the complete session I would usually provide.

I journeyed to my team and we discovered three intrusions; two on the front of her torso and one on the back.  We removed the negative energy from these sites and identified that it originated from her mother.

To ensure that the intrusion does not return, we asked if there was an agreement in place.  ML had made an agreement around her mother’s behaviour which was protecting the intrusion and causing ML to repeat the pattern in her relationships.  We gave ML a new agreement so that she could change her pattern of behaviour and stop being held back in her relationships by the old one.

At the end of the session, we were sealing in the new agreement and a female nun came into view; she said she was an ancestor who had come to protect her.

In her feedback, ML said that the journey resonated for her and that she had previously been struggling to work through some of the aspects of it herself.  She confirmed that the old agreement came from her mother.

ML said that the female nun was her great-aunt from her mother’s side and is welcomed support as she works through issues surrounding her conservative religious upbringing.


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