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January: That Dreaded First Month of the Year

I was dismayed to read this negative phrase regarding the season of Winter: January – that dreaded first month of the year. It caused me to wonder: why do people dread this month? Is it because things have slowed down after all of the Christmas and New Year celebrations? Is January just not exciting enough?  This post is a reminder for us all to go back to our Shamanic roots and welcome the Winter as a time of healing and self-care.

Contemporary life can present a tempting array of distractions and things to do which cause us to swing towards an expectation of constant stimulation and excitement. But it is important to recognise the principle of rhythm in natural law, which tells us that there is always an ebb and flow; the pendulum swing moves equally on both sides between two poles. When our pendulum swings to one extreme, it has to swing back to the same extent in the opposite direction.

Thus, extreme excitement will eventually cause an extreme depression, as the pendulum reaches its limit and falls back down again.  So that someone who has gone to lots of Christmas parties may then find that they have done too much and their body responds by getting a bad cold to detox all of the alcohol and sugar, forcing the body to rest.  This slow-down can be a form of irritation and that individual may fight it with cold remedies and caffeine, resisting rest and recuperation, possibly causing greater health issues in the future.

We can avoid these dramatic extremes by finding balance in our lives and operating from a place of acceptance that is in harmony with the seasons. In Shamanic practice, Winter is an important aspect of a seasonal calendar that is respected by all tribal cultures. They accept that the cycles of life affecting all plants and creatures on earth also apply to them, and they don’t resist this necessary change.  By harmonising our lives with the gentle and gradual changes of the seasons we can avoid the extreme swings, and embrace nature’s requirement for rest and inner change that is necessary for our personal growth.

Our tribal ancestors recognised Winter as a time of hibernation because they saw nature naturally slowing down around them; they observed the trees losing their leaves and the animals disappearing into their warm nests. They knew that this gradual slowing down was a time of rest for nature so it could prepare for the new growth in the spring.  By watching nature tribal people have an inner acceptance that just as all living things go into some form of hibernation during the winter, so should they.

Winter is recognised as being an important time of rest so that they can go within and evaluate the year, considering what could be changed so that they can clarify their intent to manifest something different for the next year. In doing so they would achieve spiritual growth and give themselves time to incubate their new ideas and plans for rejuvenation in the spring.

In contemporary cities, it is easy to ignore nature and turn up the heating to carry on with business as usual. But in doing so we miss out on an important time for personal growth work and self-care. So why not learn to honour this time for yourself by curling up on the sofa for some rest and journaling? Think about what didn’t work for you last year, the changes you want to make, and how you can improve your life. Consider areas such as relationships, well-being, creativity, exercise, work/career, hobbies, family, and your home and make a list for each heading.

If you identify some changes you would like to make in your behaviour and attitudes to life, book in for a Shamanic Healing Session which can assist you with making real changes for self-improvement and greater enjoyment of life. Rose can perform Shamanic Healing by distance sessions or face-to-face appointments. Please note that distance sessions are just as effective as in-person meetings.  To book a session go here:

Rose Autumn is a Shamanic Practitioner working at The Centre of Complementary Medicine in Petersfield, East Hampshire, in the South East of England.  Rose is a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists and is fully insured.  She has completed over 120 hours of training during her Shamanic Apprenticeship with Scott Silverston, founder of the Shamanic Spirit Medicine Healing System.

Image taken by Rose on The Heath in Petersfield, Hampshire, England on 18th January 2024.

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The Teachings of Baba Ram Dass

To cut a long story short; last week I ended up finding myself being faced with having to do a decorating job at home myself that I had tried to pay a professional to do for me.  After being let down by the decorators two rooms needed painting, so I spent time finding the right materials to get the job done.  I had prepared the rooms and found myself ready to open the first tin of paint for the mist coat on the newly plastered wall in my sitting room, when I realised with horror that I hadn’t thought about what I was going to listen to for the next three days I had allocated for the painting task.

Two years ago, when I decorated my dining room, I enjoyed listening (three times) to a seven hour YouTube compilation of all Terrance McKenna’s lectures on ethnobotany from the 1980s.  I yearned for something similar that I could really enjoy, but my mind went blank.  It was Friday, so as usual I listened to Tim Whild’s practical ascension update and after 20 minutes I had my gloves on rollering the wall with the mist coat when YouTube started to autoplay a random channel.  Usually at this point I get up and put something on of my own choosing, but because I was in the middle of painting I decided just to let it roll, and what a treat the universe sent to me: the teachings of Ram Dass.

I felt an instant rapport with his humorous style of speaking and discovered that he had an interest in some of my own paths of enquiry: psychoanalysis, psychedelics, Buddhism, and more recently Hinduism.  He brought all of his experience together in a series of lectures from the 70s, 80s, and 90s in which he discussed his own path to enlightenment, which involved being in his heart when witnessing the suffering of others, practicing meditation, and taking on his Dharma despite feeling that he wasn’t ready or pure enough to help others.

The lectures were selected and remasterd by a lovely group called The Love Serve Remember Foundation, whom I discovered also publish podcasts on their Be Here Now Network by other speakers I have previously enjoyed including: Jack Kornfield and Dr Robert Svoboda.  Jack Kornfield is a real blast from the past for me; I followed his teachings in 2007 when I got serious about meditation, while Dr Robert Svoboda is a more recent discovery after having been introduced to his work via an interview recommended by a friend regarding the use of Cannabis in Hindu culture.

The biggest take away I have received from the past three days is Ram Dass’ teachings about holding compassion and sadness for the suffering of others while simultaneously holding the balancing notion that God and the Universe have created the perfect moment for us all.  Suffering is everywhere and our task is to be aware of it without seeking to make it go away; to accept that suffering is part of the perfection of our experience whilest finding our own way to support others through their suffering.

Who are we to interfere with the path of others?  We all have our own Karma to work through and we need to remember that others do too.  However, we can assist with the relief of the suffering of others by working on ourselves, opening our hearts and remaining in our open hearts so that we can become beings full of love and light to guide and support others through their trials.

Of course, he reminds us that we often create our own suffering due to our desires; so his answer is the elimination of desire as the path to elimination of personal suffering.

He recommended reading the The Bhagavad Gita and the Love Serve Remember Foundation recommend the translation by Eknath Easwaran, which I am looking forward to reading soon along with the companion guide, The End of Sorrow: Vol 1 the End of Sor (the Bhagavad Gita for Living), also written by the same author.

Born Richard Alpert he was dismissed from his job as a professor at Harvard University in 1963 for assisting Timothy Leary with experiments using psychedelics. In 1967, he traveled to India and became a disciple of the Hindu guru Neem Karoli Baba, who gave him the name Ram Dass, meaning “Servant of Ram,” or “Servant of God”.  He died at his home on Maui in December 2019 aged 88, and shortly after the Corona Virus narrative ramped up.  It is amazing that his life’s work has provided us with all the tools we need to get through these challenging times without having to experience them himself.


Enjoy is teachings here:

Go here for books and further information:

Enjoy more spirituality podcasts from other speakers on the Be Here Now Network:

The Twelve Universal Laws

1. Divine oneness.

2. Vibration.

3. Action.

4. Correspondence.

5. Cause and effect.

6. Compensation.

7. Attraction.

8. Perpetual transmutation of energy.

9. Law of relativeity.

10. Polarity.

11. Rhythem.

12. Gender.


Natural Law: Introduction

The Science of Natural Law by Mark Passio

In this documentary Mark Passio explores our current understanding of the Universal forces that affect the daily lives of humanity.

Is humanity truly free?
Are there Universal Laws that apply to human behaviour?
Does our knowledge or ignorance of these laws affect our freedom?

It is only by fundamentally understanding Natural Law that we will be able to effectively follow Common Law.

This is the hierarchy under which the people and our systems should be operating:
– Natural Law: the Universal Divine Law of God/Creator.
– Rule of Law: Natural Law interpreted by humanity through Common Law.
– The People: humanity as a collective.
– Government: an administrative infrastructure.
– Politicians & Public Servants: officers that have taken Oaths to serve the people.

The Occult

The word ‘occult’ means hidden and refers to knowledge that is not commonly known to humanity. Occultism is a body of knowledge regarding the hidden laws of nature that can’t be readily seen or scientifically measured.

The Dark Occultists come from banking, media, law, military, law enforcement, entertainment, education, politics, medicine, and technology. They use the ancient, hidden knowledge of Natural Law to increase their own collective power at the expense of everyone else’s rights and freedoms.

What is Natural Law?

It is nothing to do with evolution, the survival or the fittest, or the law of the jungle, or the dog-eat-dog world.

Natural = Inherent to, and having a basis in, reality and nature, therefore not man-made.

Law = An existing condition that is both binding and immutable.

Binding means having an effect that cannot be escaped.

Immutable means unable to be changed by anything or anyone.

Natural Law Definition

A set of Universal, non-man-made binding and unchangeable conditions, which govern the behavioural consequence of beings with the capacity of holistic intelligence.

Natural Law governs the collective by manifesting the consequences of the free-will behavioural choices made by humanity.

The consequences received are dependent on whether the behaviour is moral or immoral (right or wrong). This is also known as karma.

Natural Laws operate in the unseen, non-physical realm so they are the hidden laws of nature which are built into the fabric of reality.

Natural Law is a science of morality which doesn’t require belief or faith. It is also known as Cosmic Law, Spiritual Law, Universal Law, Moral Law, Karma, The Golden Rule, The Law of Cause and Effect, and Consequentialism.
Human Rights

It is essential for humanity to understand what right and wrong behaviour is.

We need to define what human rights are in order to keep them.

Actions that are not rights and initiate harm to others:

  • Murder = the theft of life which is not rightfully ours to take.
  • Rape = theft of freewill sexual association.
  • Assault = theft of another person’s wellbeing without right.
  • Theft = theft of property.
  • Trespass = theft of the security of ones living domain
  • Coercion = the theft of freewill choice via violence or duress.
  • Wilfully lying = theft of necessary information which negatively impacts someone else’s ability to engage in informed decision making.

They are all variations of theft in different forms and constitute violence against other sentient beings.

Transgressions of the inherent rights of others though theft is the conduct of violence.

Moral conduct can therefore be defined as ‘don’t steal’.

It is morally wrong to initiate aggression and violence against other sentient beings.

Self Defence

We reserve the right to use physical force to defend ourselves against violence and aggression – it is an inherent right.

Equality Under Natural Law

Immoral actions are the behaviours that inflict harm to others. When we fail to hold everyone to the same account regarding the morality of their actions we create a problem for humanity.

We all have the same rights without exception including government, the police, military, or other societal institution.

Legality is not Morality

Is government authority morally legitimate?

If man’s laws are in opposition to Natural Law and therefore false or immoral it cannot be legitimately morally binding. Legal or illegal is not the same as moral or immoral. Human authority is not legitimate because it is not voluntary and is based on immoral behaviour such as coercion and violence.

Man’s Law

Does Government authority exist in nature?

It is an illegitimate man-made construct that doesn’t exist in nature. The false belief that someone has legitimate authority over others or more or less inherent rights than others is the main cause of suffering and death in the world.

Authority is an untrue, illusory, illegitimate and immoral claim that is believed by most people.

The delegation of authority to politicians, police, and military is inherently morally illegitimate. And cannot be done in nature because it is impossible to delegate a right to someone else that no one possess as an individual.


the human condition is slavery. Is taxation morally legitimate?

Taxation is theft enforced by the threat of coercion or violence.


People own their bodies and have right to choose what they put into it.

Drivers Licences

Drivers Licences are coercive restriction on the inherent right to travel.


Man-made laws that are moral opposition to natural law are morally illegitimate and not morally binding. Legitimate human interactions are voluntary and mutually agreed upon by all participants.

Man-made laws which decree and enact behaviours such as prohibition, taxation, and licensure are not voluntary. They are commands of compliance backed by the threat of violece or actual violent behaviour.

Man-made laws are arbitrary decrees of a ruling class calling themselves government who give themselves the right to rule. Those living under their jurisdiction are believed to be morally obligated to obey the arbitrary laws. Understanding that such a system is entirely based in behaviour that is coercive and immoral.

Natural Law: The Seven Hermetic Principles

The general principles of Natural Law are based on the teachings of Hermes Trismegistus otherwise known as Egyptian God Thoth. He was the messenger of the Gods who brought their teachings down to Earth.

There are seven basic underlying principles plus the binding principle which binds the other seven together. All eight together are the Master Key through which universal wisdom is de-occulted and no longer hidden.

They are Hermetically sealed because they are immutable and cannot be changed.

1. The Principle of Mentalism

All is a manifestation of mind. The Universe is mental: our thoughts manifest things and events in our reality.

Thoughts create our state of existence and the quality of our experience here on Earth.

Thoughts drive our behaviour so be responsible for your thoughts and, therefore, everything you create for yourself.

The ALL is substantial reality underlying outward appearances.

This law explains psychic phenomena.

The Master Key unlocks doors in the psychic temple of knowledge and the path to mastery.

Energy, power, and matter are subordinate to mind.

2. The Principle of Correspondence

‘As above so, below: as below, so above.’

Correspondence between the planes of the material, mental, and spiritual universe.

The Universal Law of the holographic universe whereby the microcosm comprises the whole.

A way to move the obstacles to the unknown.

Known to unknown.

3. The Principle of Vibration

Nothing rests: the universe is pure vibrational energy.

Everything vibrates in vibratory motion.

Matter is energy in vibration.

We should be in control of our own mental vibrations and those of others with the formula.


4. The Principle of Polarity

Everything is dual with two poles.

Opposites are identical in nature but different in degree.

Extremes meet in the middle.

Heat and cold are varying degrees of the same thing; a change in vibration.

Paradoxs of light and dark, soft and hard.

On the mental plane: degrees of love and hate.

Change the vibrations of hate to the vibrations of love in your mind.
Good an evil require us the to take the middle path.

Mental Alchemy is transmuting love to hate using the principle of polarity.

5. The Principle of Rhythm

Everything flows.

Tides rise and fall.

The pendulum swings in motion to and fro, equally on both sides.

Action and reaction.

The rise and fall of nations.

Hermeticists can overcome its effects by formulas and methods.

The Mental Law of Neutralisation enables us to escape its effects by neutralising the rhythmic swing through strong will.

6. The Principle of Cause & Effect

Every cause has an effect and every effect has its cause.

There are many planes of causation and no such thing as chance.

Manifested realities form due to their causes. That which has already occurred.

Humanity is trapped on the plane of effects with self-inflicted suffering.

Rise above cause and effect by mentally rising to a higher plane to become causers and effects.

The masses are obedient to the environment and the wills and desires of others’ suggestion.

Pawns on a chessboard.

Rule on ones own plane and be masters.

7. The Principle of Gender

Gender is manifested in everything throughout the Physical, Mental, and Spiritual planes.

In the physical it is expressed as sex.

On the mental plane it is the masculine and feminine aspects of the mind.

Right side of the brain: Feminine, Intuition, Compassion, Creativity.

Left side of the brain: Male, Intellect, Logic, Analytical.

The human brain has been hacked with mind control by the system to prefer one side of the brain.

When both are in balance the true intelligence is born.

Work on yourself to find equilibrium between the right and left hemispheres to how yourself and natural law.

No creation is possible without it because everything contains two elements.

8. The Lost Principle

Binds the others together.

These principles can also be found in the Kybalion and are summarised in Mark Passio’s talk on Natural law: to to around the 3 hour mark on this video:

The Kybalion – The Hermetic Philosophy

Published at the beginning of the 20th Century, The Kybalion contains the secret doctrines of Hermetic Philosophy from Ancient Egypt and Greece.

It is mystical and occult law taught by the Adepts and Masters of Ancient Egypt and in the Great Lodge of Lodges of the Mystics.

The arcane truths of the Seven Hermetic Principles are referenced in occultism, which means hidden knowledge. They are a master key to the Temple of Knowledge and the Temple of Mystery.

The Master of Masters was Hermes, the founder of astrology and alchemy. Hermes Trismegistus was known as ‘the scribe of the Gods’ in Ancient Egypt and also the Great Central Sun of Occultism.

He was a contemporary of Abraham and gave him some of his mystic knowledge.

He lived for 300 years on Earth as The Egyptian God Thoth and in Ancient Greece as Hermes, the God of Wisdom.

All esoteric teachings and religions have a base in the Hermetic Principles.

Hermetic means secret, sealed so as to not ‘cast pearls before swine’.

History has shown us that barbarians will kill those who tell them the truth, so many people with this knowledge have remained quiet until the publication of the Kybalion.

The Gnostics, the early Christians, held the Hermetic teachings until their books were burned and their teachers thrown to the lions by the Roman Constantine.

The Kybalion is the basic Hermetic Doctrines, the art of Hermetic Alchemy.

It is the mastery of mental forces and transmutation of Mental Vibrations; the true Philosophers Stone.

The Kybalion contains fundamental teachings so that we can apply them as true students.

The teachings of Hermetic Philosophy were republished at the beginning of the 20th century in a book called The Kybalion.

It was published in the understanding that humanity was ready to master the mental forces can apply the knowledge to their daily lives.

This book will attract the attention of those ready for instruction, according to Principle 6 : The Law of Cause and Effect.

It can be bought from bookshops or read online here:

The Principle of Rhythm

Hermes Trismegistus or Thoth the Atlantean, Enki’s son, was the Lord of Wisdom an emissary on Earth. He was one of the most important gods of ancient Egypt alternately said to be self-created or born of the seed of Horus from the forehead of Set. As the son of these two deities (representing order and chaos respectively) he was also god of equilibrium.  He wrote the Emerald tablets of Thoth which brought the Seven Hermetic Principles to humanity.

5. The Principle of Rhythm

Tides and flows. There is ebb and flow in everything on the physical, mental, and spiritual planes. The pendulum swing moves equally on both sides between two poles.

Rhythm works on both the mental and physical planes. The mental pendulum creates moods and emotions.

Neutralise the rhythmic swing of the pendulum by going to higher planes of consciousness to achieve mental firmness, will, and poise. This solid base can be achieved through daily meditation, breathwork, and grounding with the earth.

These practices will take us out of the reactive emotional swings and into a state of mindfulness where we are able to respond to events in a strong, yet peaceful manner.

Polarise at the Positive Pole of ‘I am’. Refuse to be swung on the pendulum of mood. Set aside mental states as being ‘not me’.

By mastering moods and neutralising rhythm you can escape cause and effect.

This is the Law of Neutralisation overcomes rhythm. Rise above and allow it to pass underneath. Become players not pawns: use the swing, don’t be used by it.

Mark Passio – Natural Law

Mark Passio explains that we are able to overcome the strong tides by using the current to assist us. At the present moment in time we are experiencing the tendency of an ebb towards darkness. To resist this tendency we are required to have stronger will and to expend more energy to break down pre-existing belief systems and move the consciousness forward. Watch from the 3:15 mark for Mark Passio’s interpretation of Principle Five.

The Kybalion

The teachings of Hermetic Philosophy were republished at the beginning of the 20th century in a book called The Kybalion. It was published in the understanding that humanity was ready to master the mental forces can apply the knowledge to their daily lives. It can be bought from bookshops or read online here:

Alchemising the Ego through the Seven Sins

At its basic level of meaning the word alchemy relates to physical matter and is commonly understood to be the scientific process of converting base metals into gold. This notion is based on the human egos of greed and sloth whereby one seeks to generate vast fortunes with minimal effort.  History tells us that many men have spent entire lifetimes selfishly seeking the philosophers stone for personal gain. This behaviour translates into contemporary society as competition for the easiest and most well-paid jobs, which creates our own personal hell based on lack and fear.

This third dimensional notion of alchemy is in contrast to the higher, spiritual meaning which aids personal growth work and soul development. By learning to transmute fear into love and transform ego into soul, we can achieve self-mastery and experience heaven on Earth in the fifth dimension.

The Archontic matrix control system, as identified by the pre-Christian Gnostics who sought knowledge through research, holds at its core the manipulation of the human ego as the ultimate means of control.  In contemporary society, ego manifests in behaviours symbolised by the seven deadly sins: lust, gluttony, sloth, wrath, envy, and pride.  Humanity is programmed by society to act in ego which perpetuates our enslavement in hell, preventing us from ascending to a higher form of experience.

  • Advertising plays on lust to subjugate the feminine whereby a woman is simply a vessel for male pleasure, which diminishes the power of the divine feminine.
  • The food industry plays on emotional insecurity to promote gluttony, whereby inner lack is filled with junk food to provide a short-term dopamine hit.
  • The focus on the scarcity of resources causing us to stockpile resource and wealth at the expense of others.
  • The education system takes away our enquiring mind by spoon feeding us facts without any effort on our part to find the truth for ourselves, creating an attitude of sloth whereby someone else will solve our problems.
  • Newspapers and news programmes pitch groups against each other to create an environment of wrath or anger, which prevents unity and ultimately freedom from the system.
  • The media plays on our propensity to envy by encouraging us to ‘keep up the the Joneses’. If our friends boast about their expensive new purchases this motivates us to competitively consume more.
  • Pride prevents us from working in service to others and closes off the benevolence the universe can offer those who live in true humility.

Gnosticism teaches us that ascension can only occur once the ego is eliminated. However, there is another belief that we cannot be expected to totally eliminate the ego as we need it on a basic level for self protection; therefore it should be observed and controlled. We can use self-observation to monitor ourselves for egoic behaviour with the aim of holding it in awareness as opposed to automatically acting on it through programmed behaviour, which would leave us open to manipulation. Once we have awareness of how the ego is playing out in our lives we can work towards the elimination of each of the seven sins through transmutation.  We can identify egoic behaviour and replace it with the seven virtues: prudence, justice, temperance, courage (or fortitude) faith, hope, and charity.

Lust = Chastity (purity, abstinence) Gluttony = Temperance (humanity) Greed = Charity (sacrifice, generosity, benevolence) Sloth = Diligence (persistence) Wrath = Patience (forgiveness) Envy = Kindness (compassion) Pride = Humility (bravery, modesty)

It is possible for a human holding love in their hearts to exist in a different dimension from a neighbour living in fear.  Both live on the same street, but one experiences abundance in all ares of their life and the other experiences seemingly constant misfortune.  The woman in heart-centred service to others is given rewards from the universe that fulfil all her needs; nourishing friendships, an income from work that she enjoys, and a happy home.

In contrast, the man next door who consumes the media and lives in fear, lives selfishly and receives instant karma. This gives him the challenging experiences that may appear on the surface to be misfortune, but are purposefully sent by the universe to assist with his soul development.  He may experience redundancy from the job he hates, loss of the partner he doesn’t love, disease due to his addictions to sugar and alcohol, or loss of his home due to lack of gratitude. Through these trials he will learn about love, service to others, forgiveness, and humility but it might take thousands of lifetimes to reach completion.

For anyone living on Earth in bodily form to say that they are not living in ego, to a greater or lesser extent, is in a state of self-deception and denial. Once we have overcome ego we automatically leave our Earthly physical body and rise up in our light body to ascension. Therefore, it is impossible for someone who isn’t living in ego to exist on this Earth.  We are all living in ego and we are ultimately here with the purpose of transending it.

The Twelve Chakra System

Our chakras are energy centres of spiritual consciousness within our energy bodies. They are ‘wheels’ which should spin if they are open and activated to enable the kundalini energy to rise up the spinal column.

Chakra healing is a method of energy healing that has traditionally worked with the seven main chakras – root (base), sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye (brow) and crown.

It is essential that these seven major chakras are healed first, thus allowing the kundalini to rise and enable the additional chakras to be activated.

As the energy increases on earth, building towards ascension, we are becoming more spiritually aware so now we can start working with the five additional chakras – earth star, navel, causal, soul star and stellar gateway.

Here are the twelve chakras in the new system:

  1. Earth Star ChakraLocation: 12 inches below the feet. Colour: Black, Gold. Crystals: Nuummite, White Howlite
  2. Root ChakraLocation: Base of spine. Colour: Red. Crystal: Bloodstone, Agate, Haematite
  3. Sacral ChakraLocation: Lower abdomen. Colour: Orange, Pink. Crystals: Citrine, Carnelian
  4. Navel ChakraLocation: Just above the sacral chakra. Colour – Orange. Crystals: Fire Agate, Citrine, Sunstone
  5. Solar Plexus ChakraLocation: Solar plexus. Colour: Yellow. Crystals: Yellow Citrine, Calcite, Malachite
  6. Heart ChakraLocation: Heart. Colour: Green. Crystals: Rose Quartz, Watermelon Tourmaline, Aventurine
  7. Throat ChakraLocation: Throat. Colour: Blue. Crystals: Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, Sodalite
  8. Third Eye ChakraLocation: Brow. Colour: Indigo. Crystals: Fluorite, Azurite, Amethyst
  9. Crown ChakraLocation: Top of the head. Colour: Violet, Gold, White. Crystals: Herkimer Diamond, Clear Quartz, Amethyst
  10. Causal ChakraLocation: 3-4 inches above the Crown at the back of the head. Colour: White, Irredescent. Crystals: Blue Kyanite
  11. Soul Star ChakraLocation: 6 inches above the Crown. Colour: White, Magenta. Crystal: Selenite, Ascension Stones
  12. Stellar Gateway ChakraLocation: 12 inches above the Crown. Colour: Gold. Crystal: Calcite

Keep Calm and Carry On into 5D

The energies coming down over the coming months will continue to stir things up to boiling point for everyone on planet Earth. This means that in 3D reality we are going to expect the media and the government to further provoke us into angry reactions to their increasingly draconian demands. From the perspective of the dark side this serves the purpose of lowering the collective vibrational frequency to prevent mass wake-ups and ascension to 5D.

The best thing to do is disengage from all of the media; radio, TV, and newspapers, to avoid their increasingly desperate attempts at provocation. Remember that the dark side are playing a role which will ultimately wake up the sleepers, so we have to allow it to play-out.

On a day-to-day level the energies will play-out as aggression and negativity from people we come up against at work, socially, or when out shopping. The energies are causing people to release their own negativity which can come out as attacks and outbursts. This energy will be stronger in towns, shopping areas and places of high density living so it is essential to smudge regularly and shower or bathe in Epsom Salts every night to clear your energy field.

Remember that it isn’t our job to wake people up, only to plant seeds, so don’t feel that you have to engage in endless debates on social media which ultimately deplete us of life-force energy. Refill with daily Qigong (Chi Kung).

Many light workers will also find their personal and work lives thrown into turmoil, adding additional stress to the collective load. This turmoil is necessary to change our lives for the better, but the process will be tough as we release people and responsibilities that no longer serve us.

The aim of archontic control system is to bring as many light workers down as possible. This is why we must remain heart-centred at all times and respond to situations and people calmly. We should not give-in to any provocation. Daily meditation, focussing on the breath, and 20mins daily contact with the Earth will help us to remain centred and grounded in these challenging times.

5D living will require us to live from heart-centredness and not ego. This means observing the turmoil around us and remaining in love and peace. Any reaction such as anger is a sign that the ego is in control. We cannot ascend in this state so self-observation is essential.

Activating Discernment

As we move into the fifth Dimension (and possibly higher for some) we will naturally become less dependent on gurus, teachers, computer models, and written sources for direction. We will still use them for information gathering, but ultimately we will be discerning the truth for ourselves.

We know that both the White Hats and the Cabal have used ‘Project Looking Glass’ to see into the future so that they can intercede on events to control their own outcome. However, we also know that no matter how many times they run it, they can only reliably see a maximum of six months ahead. The Mayans used their best psychics and saw thousands of years into the future; predicting the end of the age at 2012 and the beginning of the twenty-year ascension window, which we are now halfway through. Those psychics were much more powerful than a computer and so are we!

We all have a third eye, which once fully opened will enable us to connect to our higher selves for direct downloads of information that is right for us at the right time. See a previous post on detoxing the pineal gland which is essential to remove all the sabotage the system has imposed on us through fluoride toothpaste and calcium carbonate supplements.

When we are fully healed, having let go of ego, patriarchal energy, and all of the emotional wounding from our past, we can become a very clear channel. This gives us the ability to bring down pure information, that is not distorted, to assist us with our mission here on Earth.

If we have developed our intuition we will get powerful feelings of ‘inner knowing’ (see a previous post on gifts and clair senses). It is essential to trust this and act on it or the ability will be taken away – it is like a muscle that needs to be exercised to become stronger.

This could also be our ‘gut feeling’ which many of us have been trained to ignore. Gut feeling for me is a pain or twinge in my stomach when a situation or person doesn’t ‘feel right’. It is our emergency warning system to get out of a potentially threatening situation before it turns bad.

Alcohol, street drugs, and pharmaceuticals are designed and marketed by the cabal to cut us off from our intuition so that we become reliant on the media and politicians for direction.

Once we have stepped out of the matrix we can develop our own personal guidance system by using our hearts to discern truth:

  • Drop into your heart by thinking about something or someone you really love: your pet or child for example.
  • Feel what this feeling of true love feels like physically.
  • Ask yourself a question which you know the answer to: ‘Do I like cheese?’.
  • Feel the true answer come through your heart. What does this feel like physically?
  • If you do like cheese feel how your heart feels when it says yes. Does it expand and feel warmer?
  • Now try a phrase that you know is untruthful: saying ‘I do not like x’.
  • How does an incorrect statement feel in your heart? Is it jarring, painful, contracting, or empty?
  • We can then practice heart-centred discernment to navigate through information from videos, talks, and books to find our own truth.

This is the time to stop immediately accepting the often forceful beliefs of the egoic bullies who can be found in all groups. Rather than allowing ourselves to get triggered by a new piece of information that has been insensitively delivered we can thank them for sharing their opinion and tell them we will consider what they have said. We can put what they say on our ‘for further research shelf’. This means that we don’t dismiss what they say outright but keep it for future consideration.

Usually, if I hear the same recommendation three times I know that I need to look at it in more detail. For example, three different people each suggested I read the same book. I will then read the book and feel what aspects of it resonate for me. I know that I don’t have to accept all the ideas in the book, only those that I intuitively feel are truthful to me.

I will then not recommend the book to others unless there is something in it that I know is specifically pertinent for that person. If we tell everyone to look at everything we read we put people into overwhelm.

We can also not automatically expect everyone to resonate with our truth. As we heal ourselves we will automatically drop those relationships with people with whom we no longer resonate and move into soul mate relationships and soul groupings where we are all resonating at the same vibration, sharing the same truths.

Above all we need to share our truth in a gentle way that doesn’t seek to control others or try to ‘be right’. This is another ego trap. We need to find a balance between recognising and trusting our own intuition and being open to acknowledging the truth of others; even when seems to be at odds with our own guidance.

If we allow ourselves to go into ego we will assume that we are better than others and seek to elevate our own status in the group whilst pushing others down. This trap occurs when the ego subconsciously feels threatened by the possibility that another group member has greater power than us. It is a sign that we need to do more work on self-worth. All such triggers are signposts to the inner work.

I am not wrong, you are not right.
I am not right, you are not wrong.


Why Does the World Feel Out of Balance?

Today I watched a video titled ‘Why Does the World Feel Out of Balance?’ by Glorian, a spiritual organisation that publishes books about Gnostic teachings. This video is a summary of one of the laws in The Emerald Tablets of Thoth The Atlantean, who is otherwise known as Hermes Trismegistus.

Back in Egyptian times Thoth was known as Hermes and he taught the Egyptian people about The Seven Great Hermetic Principles, one of which is The Principle of Rhythm which describes how the pendulum swing operates in our daily lives.

Everything flows, out and in; Everything has its tides; All things rise and fall; The pendulum swing manifests in everything; The measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left; Rhythm compensates.

The Kyballion

This is like being on a fair ground ride when we get addicted to the adrenaline rush of fear and pleasure at the same time. If we live our lives like this on a daily basis eventually we will burn out and loose the ability to think objectively and be unable to solve life’s problems effectively.

The Principle of Rhythm

The Principle of Rhythm says that there is ebb and flow in everything. The Universal Pendulum is in continual motion to and fro just as the tides rise and fall, and birth moves to death. Hermes says that Rhythm is connected to Polarity and this swing between the two poles occurs on the physical, mental, and spiritual planes. Therefore every action has an opposite reaction because the Universal Pendulum is always in motion.

However, his teachings reveal that it is only on the lower planes of consciousness that humanity can be controlled by the pendulum swing. The Earth has been in the Third Dimension for thousands of years and we have been used to being at the mercy of the swing in our unconscious state of awareness.

The Cabal are very adept at esoteric teachings so they are aware of this principle and use it to control us. They use the media to create fear, pushing us to the extreme of this emotion in order that we loose our faculties of reason and right action putting us into fight or flight mode so that we make poor choices – such as taking the j@b.


Hermeticists, those who follow the teachings of Hermes, can avoid this swing from one extreme to the other through transmutation. This occurs when we move ourselves into a higher plane of consciousness from the unconscious behaviour of the Third and through the Lower Fourth Dimensions to the more conscious behaviour of the Upper Fourth and the Fifth Dimensions. This can also be described as the process of awakening from unconscious behaviour, which is programming to keep us unaware and asleep.

Transmutation occurs when we transform unconscious programmed behaviour into its opposite. The opposite of fear is love and calmness. So we can transmute a swing towards fear by going inside ourselves to find equilibrium. We can invoke this place of neutrality inside ourselves through meditation, mindfulness, and grounding into the earth. We can practise opening our hearts and feeling the love of the universe.

Our awareness of the pendulum can slow the swing down so that we are mindfully observing our emotions, feeling them but not allowing them to take us on a big pendulum ride up the to extreme only to be dramatically flung back into the opposite emotion at some future point.

The Law of Neutralisation

Thus, through willpower, we can escape the effects of the pendulum swing from one extreme emotion to the other by following the methods of the Mental Law of Neutralisation which raises the ego above the vibrations of the Unconscious Plane.

This law says that we can polarise ourselves at a desired pole by refusing to participate in the backward swing. This is denial of the power of the pendulum by refusing to allow moods or negative states to affect us, bringing the attainment of poise and mental stability.

By rising above the pendulum we can allow it to pass underneath and polarise ourselves at the positive pole of ‘I am’. Thus we refuse to be swung on the pendulum of mood.

By mastering our moods and neutralising the rhythm of the pendulum you can escape the law of cause and affect. Thus we become players and not pawns. We manifest our own reality rather than self inflicted suffering. We are no longer trapped on the plane of effects: for example by not reading the newspapers we allow the fear to circulate under us as we go into a meditation to raise our vibration and transcend in an upwards motion toward love and light. This in turn will affect our environment and the people we come into contact with.

About Thoth/Hermes

Thoth / Hermes was the son of Enki, the Anunaki brother who made the primitive workers used as slaves to mine gold for the Anunaki. Hermes taught the slaves about ascension from the matrix through the foundation of the ancient mysteries.

Hermes was a God in ancient Greece who lived for 300 years and was later known as Thoth in Egypt. In Ancient Greece Hermes Trismegistus was the God of Wisdom. In Ancient Egypt, as Thoth, he was known as the ‘Scribe of the Gods’. He was a contemporary of Abraham from The Old Testament and gave Abraham some of his mystical knowledge. Today we can see that all esoteric teachings and religions have a basis in the teachings of Hermes.

However, much was kept secret because the enlightened knew that the barbarians would kill those who told the truth. This was the case with the killing of Jesus, the Romans suppressing the knowledge of the Gnostics by killing the teachers, the witch hunts carried out by the Catholics, and now the denial by the masses that certain medical interventions can hurt or kill us.

The Hermetic teachings were lost at the time of Constantine due to the suppression of the Gnostic teachings and the rise of the fake Roman religion of Christianity, which was forced on the population of the Roman Empire. The Library of Alexandria, which held many important scrolls, was burned and much of the knowledge was lost or taken to the vaults under the present day Vatican. Thus the teachings were known as being Occult, or hidden.

The Kybalion

The teachings of Hermetic Philosophy were republished at the beginning of the 20th century in a book called The Kybalion. It was published in the understanding that humanity was ready to master the mental forces can apply the knowledge to their daily lives. It can be bought from bookshops or read online here:


The Glorian video simplifies Thoths teaching of the pendulum swing and can be viewed here:

The Emerald Tablets of Thoth:

Further Research

I recommend visiting Gerald Clarks Channel on YouTube for his reading of the Emerald Tablets which can be viewed via this playlist: