Activating Discernment

As we move into the fifth Dimension (and possibly higher for some) we will naturally become less dependent on gurus, teachers, computer models, and written sources for direction. We will still use them for information gathering, but ultimately we will be discerning the truth for ourselves.

We know that both the White Hats and the Cabal have used ‘Project Looking Glass’ to see into the future so that they can intercede on events to control their own outcome. However, we also know that no matter how many times they run it, they can only reliably see a maximum of six months ahead. The Mayans used their best psychics and saw thousands of years into the future; predicting the end of the age at 2012 and the beginning of the twenty-year ascension window, which we are now halfway through. Those psychics were much more powerful than a computer and so are we!

We all have a third eye, which once fully opened will enable us to connect to our higher selves for direct downloads of information that is right for us at the right time. See a previous post on detoxing the pineal gland which is essential to remove all the sabotage the system has imposed on us through fluoride toothpaste and calcium carbonate supplements.

When we are fully healed, having let go of ego, patriarchal energy, and all of the emotional wounding from our past, we can become a very clear channel. This gives us the ability to bring down pure information, that is not distorted, to assist us with our mission here on Earth.

If we have developed our intuition we will get powerful feelings of ‘inner knowing’ (see a previous post on gifts and clair senses). It is essential to trust this and act on it or the ability will be taken away – it is like a muscle that needs to be exercised to become stronger.

This could also be our ‘gut feeling’ which many of us have been trained to ignore. Gut feeling for me is a pain or twinge in my stomach when a situation or person doesn’t ‘feel right’. It is our emergency warning system to get out of a potentially threatening situation before it turns bad.

Alcohol, street drugs, and pharmaceuticals are designed and marketed by the cabal to cut us off from our intuition so that we become reliant on the media and politicians for direction.

Once we have stepped out of the matrix we can develop our own personal guidance system by using our hearts to discern truth:

  • Drop into your heart by thinking about something or someone you really love: your pet or child for example.
  • Feel what this feeling of true love feels like physically.
  • Ask yourself a question which you know the answer to: ‘Do I like cheese?’.
  • Feel the true answer come through your heart. What does this feel like physically?
  • If you do like cheese feel how your heart feels when it says yes. Does it expand and feel warmer?
  • Now try a phrase that you know is untruthful: saying ‘I do not like x’.
  • How does an incorrect statement feel in your heart? Is it jarring, painful, contracting, or empty?
  • We can then practice heart-centred discernment to navigate through information from videos, talks, and books to find our own truth.

This is the time to stop immediately accepting the often forceful beliefs of the egoic bullies who can be found in all groups. Rather than allowing ourselves to get triggered by a new piece of information that has been insensitively delivered we can thank them for sharing their opinion and tell them we will consider what they have said. We can put what they say on our ‘for further research shelf’. This means that we don’t dismiss what they say outright but keep it for future consideration.

Usually, if I hear the same recommendation three times I know that I need to look at it in more detail. For example, three different people each suggested I read the same book. I will then read the book and feel what aspects of it resonate for me. I know that I don’t have to accept all the ideas in the book, only those that I intuitively feel are truthful to me.

I will then not recommend the book to others unless there is something in it that I know is specifically pertinent for that person. If we tell everyone to look at everything we read we put people into overwhelm.

We can also not automatically expect everyone to resonate with our truth. As we heal ourselves we will automatically drop those relationships with people with whom we no longer resonate and move into soul mate relationships and soul groupings where we are all resonating at the same vibration, sharing the same truths.

Above all we need to share our truth in a gentle way that doesn’t seek to control others or try to ‘be right’. This is another ego trap. We need to find a balance between recognising and trusting our own intuition and being open to acknowledging the truth of others; even when seems to be at odds with our own guidance.

If we allow ourselves to go into ego we will assume that we are better than others and seek to elevate our own status in the group whilst pushing others down. This trap occurs when the ego subconsciously feels threatened by the possibility that another group member has greater power than us. It is a sign that we need to do more work on self-worth. All such triggers are signposts to the inner work.

I am not wrong, you are not right.
I am not right, you are not wrong.



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