Keep Calm and Carry On into 5D

The energies coming down over the coming months will continue to stir things up to boiling point for everyone on planet Earth. This means that in 3D reality we are going to expect the media and the government to further provoke us into angry reactions to their increasingly draconian demands. From the perspective of the dark side this serves the purpose of lowering the collective vibrational frequency to prevent mass wake-ups and ascension to 5D.

The best thing to do is disengage from all of the media; radio, TV, and newspapers, to avoid their increasingly desperate attempts at provocation. Remember that the dark side are playing a role which will ultimately wake up the sleepers, so we have to allow it to play-out.

On a day-to-day level the energies will play-out as aggression and negativity from people we come up against at work, socially, or when out shopping. The energies are causing people to release their own negativity which can come out as attacks and outbursts. This energy will be stronger in towns, shopping areas and places of high density living so it is essential to smudge regularly and shower or bathe in Epsom Salts every night to clear your energy field.

Remember that it isn’t our job to wake people up, only to plant seeds, so don’t feel that you have to engage in endless debates on social media which ultimately deplete us of life-force energy. Refill with daily Qigong (Chi Kung).

Many light workers will also find their personal and work lives thrown into turmoil, adding additional stress to the collective load. This turmoil is necessary to change our lives for the better, but the process will be tough as we release people and responsibilities that no longer serve us.

The aim of archontic control system is to bring as many light workers down as possible. This is why we must remain heart-centred at all times and respond to situations and people calmly. We should not give-in to any provocation. Daily meditation, focussing on the breath, and 20mins daily contact with the Earth will help us to remain centred and grounded in these challenging times.

5D living will require us to live from heart-centredness and not ego. This means observing the turmoil around us and remaining in love and peace. Any reaction such as anger is a sign that the ego is in control. We cannot ascend in this state so self-observation is essential.


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