Why Does the World Feel Out of Balance?

Today I watched a video titled ‘Why Does the World Feel Out of Balance?’ by Glorian, a spiritual organisation that publishes books about Gnostic teachings. This video is a summary of one of the laws in The Emerald Tablets of Thoth The Atlantean, who is otherwise known as Hermes Trismegistus.

Back in Egyptian times Thoth was known as Hermes and he taught the Egyptian people about The Seven Great Hermetic Principles, one of which is The Principle of Rhythm which describes how the pendulum swing operates in our daily lives.

Everything flows, out and in; Everything has its tides; All things rise and fall; The pendulum swing manifests in everything; The measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left; Rhythm compensates.

The Kyballion

This is like being on a fair ground ride when we get addicted to the adrenaline rush of fear and pleasure at the same time. If we live our lives like this on a daily basis eventually we will burn out and loose the ability to think objectively and be unable to solve life’s problems effectively.

The Principle of Rhythm

The Principle of Rhythm says that there is ebb and flow in everything. The Universal Pendulum is in continual motion to and fro just as the tides rise and fall, and birth moves to death. Hermes says that Rhythm is connected to Polarity and this swing between the two poles occurs on the physical, mental, and spiritual planes. Therefore every action has an opposite reaction because the Universal Pendulum is always in motion.

However, his teachings reveal that it is only on the lower planes of consciousness that humanity can be controlled by the pendulum swing. The Earth has been in the Third Dimension for thousands of years and we have been used to being at the mercy of the swing in our unconscious state of awareness.

The Cabal are very adept at esoteric teachings so they are aware of this principle and use it to control us. They use the media to create fear, pushing us to the extreme of this emotion in order that we loose our faculties of reason and right action putting us into fight or flight mode so that we make poor choices – such as taking the j@b.


Hermeticists, those who follow the teachings of Hermes, can avoid this swing from one extreme to the other through transmutation. This occurs when we move ourselves into a higher plane of consciousness from the unconscious behaviour of the Third and through the Lower Fourth Dimensions to the more conscious behaviour of the Upper Fourth and the Fifth Dimensions. This can also be described as the process of awakening from unconscious behaviour, which is programming to keep us unaware and asleep.

Transmutation occurs when we transform unconscious programmed behaviour into its opposite. The opposite of fear is love and calmness. So we can transmute a swing towards fear by going inside ourselves to find equilibrium. We can invoke this place of neutrality inside ourselves through meditation, mindfulness, and grounding into the earth. We can practise opening our hearts and feeling the love of the universe.

Our awareness of the pendulum can slow the swing down so that we are mindfully observing our emotions, feeling them but not allowing them to take us on a big pendulum ride up the to extreme only to be dramatically flung back into the opposite emotion at some future point.

The Law of Neutralisation

Thus, through willpower, we can escape the effects of the pendulum swing from one extreme emotion to the other by following the methods of the Mental Law of Neutralisation which raises the ego above the vibrations of the Unconscious Plane.

This law says that we can polarise ourselves at a desired pole by refusing to participate in the backward swing. This is denial of the power of the pendulum by refusing to allow moods or negative states to affect us, bringing the attainment of poise and mental stability.

By rising above the pendulum we can allow it to pass underneath and polarise ourselves at the positive pole of ‘I am’. Thus we refuse to be swung on the pendulum of mood.

By mastering our moods and neutralising the rhythm of the pendulum you can escape the law of cause and affect. Thus we become players and not pawns. We manifest our own reality rather than self inflicted suffering. We are no longer trapped on the plane of effects: for example by not reading the newspapers we allow the fear to circulate under us as we go into a meditation to raise our vibration and transcend in an upwards motion toward love and light. This in turn will affect our environment and the people we come into contact with.

About Thoth/Hermes

Thoth / Hermes was the son of Enki, the Anunaki brother who made the primitive workers used as slaves to mine gold for the Anunaki. Hermes taught the slaves about ascension from the matrix through the foundation of the ancient mysteries.

Hermes was a God in ancient Greece who lived for 300 years and was later known as Thoth in Egypt. In Ancient Greece Hermes Trismegistus was the God of Wisdom. In Ancient Egypt, as Thoth, he was known as the ‘Scribe of the Gods’. He was a contemporary of Abraham from The Old Testament and gave Abraham some of his mystical knowledge. Today we can see that all esoteric teachings and religions have a basis in the teachings of Hermes.

However, much was kept secret because the enlightened knew that the barbarians would kill those who told the truth. This was the case with the killing of Jesus, the Romans suppressing the knowledge of the Gnostics by killing the teachers, the witch hunts carried out by the Catholics, and now the denial by the masses that certain medical interventions can hurt or kill us.

The Hermetic teachings were lost at the time of Constantine due to the suppression of the Gnostic teachings and the rise of the fake Roman religion of Christianity, which was forced on the population of the Roman Empire. The Library of Alexandria, which held many important scrolls, was burned and much of the knowledge was lost or taken to the vaults under the present day Vatican. Thus the teachings were known as being Occult, or hidden.

The Kybalion

The teachings of Hermetic Philosophy were republished at the beginning of the 20th century in a book called The Kybalion. It was published in the understanding that humanity was ready to master the mental forces can apply the knowledge to their daily lives. It can be bought from bookshops or read online here: http://www.kybalion.org/TheKybalion.pdf


The Glorian video simplifies Thoths teaching of the pendulum swing and can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZE3YJBV0U_s

The Emerald Tablets of Thoth: https://www.bookdepository.com/Divine-Pymander-Emerald-Tablets-Thoth-Hermes-Trismegistus-Marilynn-Hughes/9781519408679

Further Research

I recommend visiting Gerald Clarks Channel on YouTube for his reading of the Emerald Tablets which can be viewed via this playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLkpSrtJG4ZZ-hYb_aZqj1LF1WxQa9QlYl


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