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Shamanic Case Study – Childhood Trauma

Weekend Dog Trauma at Petersfield Heath

On Friday afternoon I decided to enjoy total relaxation during my weekend alone; with a social media detox and no paperwork or other work-related activity.  On Saturday morning I bought myself breakfast from the market on my way to The Heath for my favourite dog walk.  As I sat on a bench overlooking the pond, I felt gratitude for the misty morning and the beauty of the still water.  But my reverie was soon broken by three large dogs running towards me; they were off the lead and their owner was nowhere in sight.  As they tried grabbing my food I shouted out for the owner to call them back, but to no avail.

Eventually, they left to hassle another dog off the lead and pandemonium soon broke out as the owner of the other dog went in to pull his out of the fray.  I watched as one of the three dogs went and investigated each of the fishermen’s tents along the waterside, before running back over to the Plump Duck.  A few minutes later they all came running back for another try at grabbing my food, which was very distressing.  Eventually, the owner came sauntering along and I asked him why he wasn’t taking control of his dogs and he smirked as one of them continued to jump up for the remainder of my pork pie.

My stomach was churning, I felt upset and angry that my relaxing morning had been so brutally disturbed by such a man with a total lack of empathy or consideration for others.  After finishing my tea I went for a walk in the woods and did some grounding and healing with an old tree and felt much better so that I was able to enjoy the rest of my day.

On Sunday morning I had managed to eat my breakfast from the Farmers Market in peace and was halfway around the wooded area of The Heath when the same three dogs came racing up; again off the lead with the owner out of sight.  They were jumping at my much smaller dog who was on the lead and yelped in fright. This put me in fear again and I felt tension in my gut as I looked around for the owner with a sense of helplessness and distress.  When he eventually appeared I asked him why he wasn’t calling the dogs back to him so they didn’t go out of sight, and again I got the same nonchalant response.

For the second time in two days, I was left very shaky and upset and I wondered why this traumatic experience was happening to me again. Why was the universe twice creating this situation to disrupt my relaxation?

Then my mind went silent and a picture came into my mind from childhood of a huge black dog with big teeth (just like the photo I used) running across the road and attacking me as I walked home alone from a friend’s house.  Instead of helping me the owner just screamed at me to stand still while allowing the dog to continue to jump up at me; its muddy paws pressing against my chest and shoulders.  I was terrified and there was nobody to help.

I soon realised that the incident at The Heath had triggered a deep trauma that had remained hidden away for over 40 years; the sense of fear, helplessness, and threat of being bitten all came back causing me to become tearful.  I was in shock that this could happen on one of my favourite walks – what if a child had been with me?  Another trauma would have been created from a lack of consideration by an irresponsible dog owner.

At home, I did a Shamanic Healing on myself; I went back to that point in place and time with the Doberman and did what was necessary to reassure and assist my young self as a child.  I then conducted an extraction on myself to remove the negative energy from that first assault, and then performed a soul retrieval, returning the lost soul parts (otherwise known as life-force energy) which were suspended in that time and place. Finally, I changed the agreement that had been set around the first trauma to prevent it from being triggered again.

During the healing, I cried a lot and felt feelings of abandonment, which was really unpleasant.  As an uncontrollable fit of terror was being released I was told that by allowing it all to come out I would be able to move forward with a greater sense of confidence and empowerment.  It was exhausting.

I have realised that this is how the universe can send us the healing that we need; through unexpected incidents that use others as a tool for us to access the traumas that are deeply locked away.  I write with gratitude to the man at The Health; without his lack of care or consideration, I would not have had the opportunity to access this wound.  But I do hope that others are vigilant so that another child isn’t traumatised.

The Shamen who cared for our ancient ancestors would not have waited more than three days to deal with the effects of a traumatic experience such as this, as such the individual would not have to carry such a burden for a lifetime.  But in recent times, our obsession with drugs to suppress symptoms and surgery to cut out problems has left us unable to deal with healing on a spiritual level.  I had five years of psychotherapy and SSRIs but that did nothing to heal this deeply-held trauma.

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