Earth Day – Healing Our Earth – Monday 22nd April 2024

On Monday 22nd April 2024, it is Earth Day, providing an opportunity for us to start individually Healing the Web of Life by balancing our energy in harmony with Mother Earth.

There is much talk about creating abundance, but very little discussion about how we gound our ideas into our reality.  Ungrounded energy will never be an effective way to co-create real change.  It is the act of brining it down and holding it in the Earth that is often missing.

In as little as ten minutes of daily practice, we will ground our energy and raise our vibration, creating healing energy for ourselves and placing us in right alignment to find our path and start the journey of discovery for the optimal version of ourselves.

By raising our vibration we will automatically create a bubble of healing light around ourselves which will affect the people and animals with whom we come into contact.  We can share our bubble of light with our community by going out to the local independent shops, which will support them financially and raise the collective vibration of the people in the shop.

As more people raise their vibration these bubbles will start to merge, creating bigger bubbles in which everyone acts with care and consideration for others, creating nurturing and supportive communities.  In turn, this community vibration will bring much-needed healing to the Web of Life.

We can start this process individually with a daily practice of connection to Mother Earth.  By grounding into her she will harmonise our energy and bring us into right alignment, removing any thoughts or feelings that are not for our higher good.

In turn, we can connect with Father Sky and become a connection rod between Father and Mother.  We can ask Father Sky to bring healing energy down to Mother Earth so that she can regenerate and heal from the abuses she suffers from unconscious and egotistical behaviour.

Earth Day Exercise

Find a piece of grass, preferably in the sunshine with some of your skin uncovered (eg wear shorts and a vest top or swimwear).

Stand barefoot on the grass with your hands by your side and close your eyes.

Inhale through your nose, moving the air down into your diaphragm, allowing the belly to expand.

Slowly exhale through your mouth.

With each breath, feel your roots grow deep down into the earth.

Feel the connection with the roots of the trees.

Tune into the vibration of the Earth.

Send any negative energy down.

Once you are grounded, hold your hands in front of your belly so that the palms are facing you and your fingertips are touching.

On the inhale bring your hands up to your chest and then exhale and reach your hands up, arms stretched up to Father Sky.

Reach up and inhale, placing the backs of your hands together.

On the exhale bring your arms down, one at each side, creating a bubble around you.

When your palms meet at the bottom start the inhale and repeat.

Repeat several times, bringing the energy up from the Earth and then down from the Sky with your arms creating a bubble each time.

After several bubbles have been completed stand still with your arms at your side.

Focus your attention on the top of the head, bringing the energy down from the sky and into your Crown Chakra.

Bring the energy down to your feet and into the Earth.

Feel the energy spread deep down through your roots and into the root system of the trees and plants.

Focus on the breath and bringing down the energy for as long as you wish.

When you feel that you have come to the end of the session, put your hands together and say a short prayer of gratitude.

Repeat daily to provide healing for the Web of Life.

If you would like to increase your support for the healing of Mother Earth, please join our monthly group in Petersfield, East Hampshire, South East England.  For further information visit


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