Root Cause Protocol

The Root Cause Protocol is based on two core truths:

  1. The body cannot create energy without Magnesium and bioavailable Copper.
  2. All pathogens and inflammation feed on unbound Iron.


  1. STOP Vitamin-D3/D2 Supplements (they KILL Liver Retinol that is needed for Cp).
  2. STOP Calcium Supplements (Ca BLOCKS Magnesium and Iron absorption)
  3. STOP Iron Supplements (Iron SHUTS DOWN Copper metabolism). For those who don’t like eating a palm-sized piece of beef liver every week, these capsules are recommended by RCP practitioners: 
  4. STOP synthetic Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid disrupts the Copper < > Cp bond)
  5. STOP High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) and Synthetic Sweeteners (HFCS Lowers Liver Copper & Raises Liver Iron)
  6. STOP LOW Fat Diet (Saturated Fat is needed for proper Copper absorption). Read Sally Fallon’s ‘Nourishing Traditions’ or visit the Weston A Price Foundation website:
  7. STOP Using Industrialized, “Heart Healthy” Omega-6 Oils! (e.g. Vegetable Oil, Soybean, Corn, Canola Oils). Use raw butter for spreading, goose fat for roasting, lard, avocado oil and coconut oil for frying, and Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) for pouring on salads.
  8. STOP Using products with Fluoride (toothpaste, bottled water, etc).
  9. STOP Taking Multivitamins (they contain the first four items above, plus trace amounts of fluoride).
  10. STOP Using Citrate in Foods & Supplements (e.g. “Natural Calm”).
  11. STOP Using Colloidal Silver as an Antibiotic (It lowers Copper status in the body! Nanonized Silver is ok).


  1. START taking trace mineral drops. RCP practitioners recommend Trace Minerals Research ‘ConcenTrace’ which you can buy on eBay and Amazon. I take them in the morning as they can be stimulating.
  2. START taking the “Adrenal Cocktail”. 4oz fresh orange juice, 1/4 tsp Cream of Tartar and 1/4 tsp sea salt at 10am and 2pm on an empty stomach to balance electrolytes. You can also use Trace Minerals 40,000 volts to add to cold drinks, which is also available on Amazon and eBay.
  3. START taking Whole Food Vitamin C Supplements 400-800 mg daily. I am taking Acerola Cherry vitamin C from Bodykind and Dolphin Fitness:
  4. START taking Magnesium Supplements. Around 650mg daily for women and 850mg daily for men or take 10mg per kg body weight. Be mindful of cofactors: B6, Boron, and Bicarbonate. I have been taking 2 x Intelligent Labs Mag Enhance and 20 sprays of the oil before bed:
  5. START taking Cod Liver Oil Supplements. You can take Rosita Cod Liver Oil in liquid or capsule form from


  1. START Taking natural sources for B Vitamins:

Because I know that I have the genetic gene mutation known as MTHFR, which means that I cannot process naturally occurring b-vitamins into the active form, I am taking Jarrow B-Right which is a methylated b-complex together with Yoga Nutrition Liquid B12.


  1. START the Ancestral/Paleo Diet (HIGH Fat, HIGH Protein, LOW Carb). Read Sally Fallon’s book ‘Nourishing Traditions’ or go to the Weston A Price Foundation website:
  2. START taking Silica / Diatomaceous Earth. Take 1 hour away from food and take for 10 days on and then have 10 days off. I use Health Leads Diatomaceous Earth from Amazon or eBay.
  3. START Taking Boron Supplements. 1 – 3 mg/day, or add 1 tbs borax to magnesium baths (aids in Synthesis of Cp, and regulation of Fe). Trace Minerals also do a liquid Boron supplement. This is in the Trace Minerals Concentrace Formula so you may not need additional, check with an RCP practitioner.
  4. START Taking Taurine Supplements 500 – 1,000 mg/day (Supports liver copper metabolism). This is included in the Intelligent Labs Mag Enhance.
  5. START Taking Vitamin E Supplements. 800 mg to support adrenals. Must be mixed tocopherols.
  6. START Taking Iodine Supplements. (PREREQUISITE: Mg RBC & Se RBC need to be optimal).
  7. START Donating Blood (for Men & Post-Menopausal Women every 3 months, for Women still cycling, twice a year)

Additional Factors to Consider regarding Ceruloplasmin (Cp):

  • Chlorinated water is hard on Copper & Magnesium, thus is hard on Cp production.
  • High-dose Zinc supplements BLOCK Copper absorption, which reduces Cp production.
  • Molybdenum is known to chelate Copper and BLOCK Ceruloplasmin production.

Raising Hormone D

Morley Robbins recommends not taking Vitamin D3 supplements because it is made from lanolin: sheep wool. Both synthetic D2 and lanolin-based D3 irritate the gut and force calcium out of the bones into the bloodstream leading to calcification, blood pressure, cataracts, hardening of the arteries, placentas and more.

Adequate magnesium will enable our bodies to produce Hormone D under the skin. Daily sunbathing for 20 mins, magnesium, and cod liver oil are nature’s answer. To raise Hormone D levels you can drink raw milk and eat raw cheese from organic, grass-fed cows.

You can take Rosita Cod Liver Oil in liquid or capsule form from


Morley Robbins say that taking synthetic iron supplements can lead to serious inflammatory conditions and iron toxic-related conditions including autism. He says that iron can hide in soft tissue which is missed through blood tests. The Root Cause Protocol can bring it out of hiding so it becomes bioavailable and not inflammatory.

Morley says that we all need bio-available iron from real foods such as beef liver in the amount of one palm-size piece per week in either liver casserole, added to chilli, ragout, or homemade burgers. Some people buy liver capsules and others make their own by cooking it, chopping into tiny capsule sizes, freezing, and taking a frozen piece per day with a warm drink. Others whizz it raw in a blender then put onto a baking sheet and freeze for 14 days. You can also freeze in ice cube moulds to add to smoothies.


Liver is nature’s super food: containing bioavailable copper, iron, B12 and zinc, amongst other things.

For those who don’t like eating a palm-sized piece of beef liver every week, these capsules are recommended by RCP practitioners:


A banana contains approximately 350mg of potassium but we need 4,700 to 6,000 mg of potassium per day, depending on lifestyle. You can get this from green vegetables and the adrenal cocktail by adding Cream of Tartar.


The retinol in calf liver and cod liver oil build ceruloplasmin. Ceruloplasmin makes copper bioavailable which makes iron useable and improves function.

Ceruloplasmin is a protein that transports bioavailable copper around the body.

Ceruloplasmin is like putting new spark plugs in our vehicles.

When the ceruloplasmin is weak then we feel weak.

Bioavailable copper gives energy and is vital in so many body functions including the mitochondria in the cells.

People with chronic fatigue, ME, and lethargy have poor mitochondrial function. They need bioavailable copper. This means boosting ceruloplasmin.

Many people are copper toxic from contraceptive pills, HrT, antibiotics, medications, copper IUDs, copper water tanks/pipes and anti-fungal sprays on crops.

This is how people become copper toxic but their bodies are crying out for bioavailable copper.

We can boost ceruloplasmin. Liver, cod liver oil and natural wholefood vitamin C are a good start.

Many foods such as flour, cereals, synthetic supplements, ready meals, baby foods, and formula milks have synthetic added iron.

This type of iron and copper bind together in the liver and cause oxidative stress. In other words a rusty liver with iron and copper grinding us to a halt.

Copper toxicity causes ADHD, mood disorders, feeling wired and at other times exhaustion.

We need bioavailable iron and copper. That means the type that the body can use to give energy and vitality.

This is another reason to avoid synthetic vitamins, ascorbic acid vitamin C, prepared fast foods, contraceptive pills, antibiotics, and copper IUDs.

High ceruloplasmin is weak if the iron levels show high % saturation, high ferritin, and high inflammatory iron markers. Equally low ceruloplasmin is not healthy. It’s all about the balance of iron and copper.

In fertility, the head of the sperm needs bioavailable copper.

In pregnancy, the fetus needs bioavailable copper and iron.

We must never take iron supplements based on a haemoglobin reading. This leads to more toxic iron being stored and hidden in soft tissue and the liver.

In contrast, we need bioavailable good iron from liver, meat, eggs, watercress and real foods.

Boosting ceruloplasmin gives us renewed energy, improves health, lifts mood and long-term health is dramatically improved.

Root Cause Links

More information about the Root Cause Protocol here:

Suggested Daily Supplements

Take them for three to six months before reducing them if necessary.

On Waking

Iodine: 12mg maintenance dose

Adrenal Cocktail: pink salt, cream of tartar, ACV.


1 x Dropper of Trace Minerals Boron

1 x tsp ReMyte Mineral Solution

1/4 x tsp ReCalcia Calcium Solution

1 x Perfect Desiccated Liver Capsules

1 x Rosita Cod Liver Oil Capsules

1 x Wholefood Vitamin C

1 x Jarrow B-Right


1 x Perfect Desiccated Liver Capsule

1 x Rosita Cod Liver Oil Capsule

1 x Wholefood Vitamin C

1 x Jarrow B-Right


Two dashes of 40,000 Volts in vegetable juice

6 x DE capsules (1 hour away from food) start with 1. 10 days on / 10 days off.


2 tsp Rice Bran Powder in warm water (start with 1/4 tsp and build up)


2 x Perfect Desiccated Liver Capsule

1 x Rosita Cod Liver Oil Capsule

1 x Vitamin C


3 x Intelligent Labs Mag Enhance

1 x Solgar Inositol to help sleep

Bed Time

20 sprays of Better You Magnesium Oil

Further Reading
Iodine: Why You Need It, Why You Can’t Live Without It. Dr David Brownstein


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