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Having written my recent posts on Tantra, a friend suggested I read The Sacred Prostitute, which discusses the sacred feminine in relation to Carl Jung’s work on the architype of the Godess of Love. I realised that I had read this book back in 2020 and was inspired to write a blog post about it, which I never published on this site. So here is the original post.

The divine feminine has been suppressed on this planet for thousands of years by the patriarchal control system. The deception has been passed down through our ancestral lines making it so great that the collective healing process will be painful as it will require us all to confront our beliefs and blockages.

One such misunderstanding which can trigger wounds is about the true role of prostitutes and the meaning of the word prostitution. This is a provocative topic loaded with distortions and trauma experienced by the feminine collective but it is only by shining our light in the darkness and speaking about the truth that we can truly heal.

We need to understand that there are two definitions which have entirely separate meanings:
1. Patriarchal prostitution from the matrix slave system.
2. Sacred prostitution practiced as a spiritual and healing act by divine goddesses.

In the times before patriarchy and the matrix slave system the word ‘prostitution’ was not contaminated as it is now with negative connotations. In its original meaning, prostitution was a sacred act practiced by the temple priestesses who were initiated into the goddess mysteries, the secret teachings of Isis from Egypt. High priestesses who served in the temples were initiated women who offered their bodies and souls to heal men through the free flow of sexual and heart energy and connection to the source.

The origin of the Latin word prostitute means to “stand before” : from pro“before” (see pro-) + statuere “cause to stand, establish,” from PIE root *sta- “to stand, make or be firm.”

The priestess therefore was standing firm in her sovereignty, anchored in her goddess presence in front of the man, expressing and radiating pure goddess love for his healing.

The power of the divine feminine as embodied on earth by Mary Magdalene has been edited out of Christianity by falsely labelling her as a prostitute in the Bible. According to xxx in a previous incarnation in Ancient Egypt she was a High Priestess initiated into the Mysteries of Isis, and therefore a sacred prostitute. The Romans would have known this and sought to diminish her feminine energy and influence. In spite of this Mary and Jesus came together in a powerful union of the divine feminine and the divine masculine to anchor universal love in the Earth, therefore enabling Christ Consciousness to slowly develop and bring in the great awakening.

You can read more about the sacred prostitutes here:


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