Sacred Prostitutes II

Here is my second article on the Sacred Prostitute, written in 2020 and published on this blog for the first time.

This series of writings is about brining awareness to the instinctive, erotic facet of feminine nature which has long been misunderstood, devalued, and lost in Western culture. By exploring the positive image of the Sacred Prostitute as a servant of the Divine Goddess of love we can begin to understand what she represents for humanity today.

In contemporary thought, the notion of the Sacred Prostitute confronts us with a mysterious paradox; the Divine Spirit in opposition to corporeal defilement. It is difficult to bring these two words together in a world where mind is separated from matter and Christianity has brought the spiritual in direct conflict with passionate love. Patriarchy’s betrayal of the feminine has caused the Goddess of love, passion, and sex to become lost, severing the divine connection between spirituality and sexuality.

In a world that no longer venerates her we find humanity suffering with an emptiness that is pushed down through substance abuse, addiction, physical abuse, sexual promiscuity, and living busy lives. Female sexuality has been exploited and debased instead of revered, causing both men and women to feel unloved and unworthy of being loved, with many losing the capacity to love.

According to Jungian psychology the Goddess is an archetype that is part of the human psyche, which, when activated, can transform consciousness so that we can experience the vitality of love, beauty, sexual passion, and spiritual ecstasy. When it is inactive, as in modern life, the loss of the archetypal feminine brings discontent and emptiness, devoid of creativity, to the patriarchal collective.

The Sacred Prostitute was a radiant, self-confident, and sensuous woman whose role it was to bring the joy and passion of the goddess’ love to mankind. She was an initiated temple priestess who was spiritually receptive to the cosmic energy of beauty and passion flowing from the goddess. She invoked the Goddess as a transformative power, mediating the split between sexuality and spirituality. This expression of divine love caused the masculine and feminine to unite in divine harmony with the spiritual and the physical, creating spiritual renewal for humanity.


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