Space Clearing

Shamanic Techniques can also support people by transforming the energy within the places where they live and work. Space Clearing involves the removal of negative energies from homes, workplaces, and land that may be affecting the luck and prosperity of the residents. Rose creates better vitality, health, and well-being for the occupants of residential property and business premises by shifting stagnant energy patterns into peaceful, harmonious environments.

Home Healing clears the imprints of previous occupants and any stagnant or negative energy following death, divorce, illness, or burglary for better prosperity and abundance.

Business Premises Healing restores clarity and peace empowering entrepreneurs for improved vision, renewed success, and the ability to manifest fresh opportunities.

Land Healing clears gardens, fields, and building sites with a history of bad vibes, strange events, or hauntings by communicating with the Guardian Spirits to achieve right-relationship. She also provides this service to land owners, farmers, organisations, and property developers who are experiencing difficulties with new projects.

Space Clearing starts with a consultation to understand what the client is experiencing and what they want to achieve. In partnership with her Spirit Guides Rose will perform a Distance Shamanic Journey to gain further insight into the cause of the problem and guidance for the optimal solution. She will then visit the site to read the energies within the space and perform clearing rituals with herbs, crystals, and various sound healing tools to clear any entities or negative energy. Rose completes the transformation with a ceremony to seal in the new energy.

Shamanic Space Clearing can:

  • Remove trapped spirits from land and buildings
  • Bless a new home
  • Clear the path for home renovations
  • Create harmonious progression for building work
  • Assist with selling a property
  • Clear a room for a new baby
  • Re-energise a new workplace
  • Grant permission from the Guardian Spirits for new projects
  • Transform negative energy in homes and offices

Rose can also provide clients with advice on promoting healthy work and living spaces with Feng Shui, decluttering, and reducing EMFs.

Working With Guardian Spirits

Rose works with homeowners, landowners, farmers, property developers, and organisations who own land or buildings where there are problems with new projects, changing the use, or new building development. When permission has not been granted by the Guardian Spirits of the Land complications may occur. By communicating with the Spirits she can create right-relationship with the land which will remove obstacles, clearing the path for any changes to go smoothly.


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