Space Clearing 2

Space Clearing 2

My shamanic practice has opened up the realm of spiritual ecology as a solution to the global environmental crisis by providing reverence for and spiritual communication with Mother Earth. It is a two-way communication that returns the connection our ancestors had with the spiritual power of Nature.

The Land is alive and should be respected by humanity. By connecting with the energy of the Earth Goddess my role is to assist with re-establishing right alignment with the Guardian Spirits of the Land to heal our relationship with Mother Earth.

I work with home owners, land owners, farmers, property developers, and organisations who own land or buildings where there is existing negative


Space Clearing 2

energy causing problems. When permission has not been received from the Guardian Spirits of the Land problems may occur on the land and in the buildings or issues may be experienced with new projects. Rose can also clear the path for planned changes to the land and buildings such as new buildings and change of land use.

Examples of my work may include, but are not limited to:

  • Garden and land healing with the Guardian Sprits
  • House healing and the clearing of trapped negative spirits
  • Removal of negative energy from buildings and offices
  • Building project blessings for harmonious progression
  • Ceremonies for permission to start planned projects
  • Shamanic drumming ceremonies
  • Drumming circles at festivals and gatherings

Drumming Circles

I connect with the Spirits of the Land and Father Sky to channel healing energy into Mother Earth. Rose will be organising regular drumming circles for healing work in woodlands and sacred places. They will be celebrations following Celtic festivals and cycles of the moon.


For bookings or further information about Shamanic Space Clearing please email me by clicking here Shamanic Enquires