Earth Healing

Shamanism is the oldest spiritual practice and common to almost all pre-modern societies. For 40,000 years Shamanism and Animism have formed the basis of spiritual experience for traditional tribal cultures living in harmony with the earth through earth-based practices. Shamanism has a balanced reverence for both the Feminine and Masculine principals; offering gratitude for Mother Earth (Goddess) and Father Sky (God).

The Roman Empire eradicated our connection to the Mother and Father by promoting the now dominant patriarchal system of control which has held the masculine principle in supremacy, leading to the systematic abuse of both women and Mother Earth. Goddess worshiping and shamanic practices were either diluted or assimilated into the new hierarchy of Christianity. Labeled as heretic and discarded under the threat of punishment or death they were replaced with a mediated relationship with a vengeful god, colonialism, industrialisation, and technology.

In traditional tribal cultures localities had spirit guardians, families had protective ancestors, and individuals enjoyed a direct connection to Mother Earth through the spirits of plants and animals. They also enjoyed a direct relationship with Father Sky giving them a constant source of loving guidance. These common themes run through all of the diverse shamanic cultural traditions which today bring us unified global truths and an important understanding about our relationship with the natural world.

All shamanic cultures respect the sacred nature of the Web of Life, acknowledge the balance of the divine masculine and feminine forces, Creator and the Creation, Mother Earth and Father Sky.

At a time when the behaviour of humanity makes our future survival questionable these principles can form the basis for a shift in consciousness to being more spiritually aware so that we can form a renewed relationship with the earth. 

As an old Native American prophecy states: 

“When the earth is ravaged and the animals are dying, a new tribe of people shall come unto the earth from many colours, classes, creeds, and who by their actions and deeds shall make the earth green again….”

Spiritual Ecology

My shamanic practice has opened up the realm of spiritual ecology as a solution to the global environmental crisis by providing reverence for and spiritual communication with Mother Earth. It is a two-way communication that returns the connection our ancestors had with the spiritual power of Nature.

The Land is alive and should be respected by humanity. By connecting with the energy of the Earth Goddess my role is to assist with re-establishing right alignment with the Guardian Spirits of the Land to heal our relationship with Mother Earth.

Drumming Circles

I connect with the Spirits of the Land and Father Sky to channel healing energy into Mother Earth. I will be organising regular drumming circles for healing work in woodlands and sacred places. They will be celebrations following Celtic festivals and cycles of the moon.


For further information about Drumming Circles and Earth Healing Ceremonies please email me by clicking here Shamanic Enquiries