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The Twelve Universal Laws

1. Divine oneness.

2. Vibration.

3. Action.

4. Correspondence.

5. Cause and effect.

6. Compensation.

7. Attraction.

8. Perpetual transmutation of energy.

9. Law of relativeity.

10. Polarity.

11. Rhythem.

12. Gender.


Natural Law: Introduction

The Science of Natural Law by Mark Passio

In this documentary Mark Passio explores our current understanding of the Universal forces that affect the daily lives of humanity.

Is humanity truly free?
Are there Universal Laws that apply to human behaviour?
Does our knowledge or ignorance of these laws affect our freedom?

It is only by fundamentally understanding Natural Law that we will be able to effectively follow Common Law.

This is the hierarchy under which the people and our systems should be operating:
– Natural Law: the Universal Divine Law of God/Creator.
– Rule of Law: Natural Law interpreted by humanity through Common Law.
– The People: humanity as a collective.
– Government: an administrative infrastructure.
– Politicians & Public Servants: officers that have taken Oaths to serve the people.

The Occult

The word ‘occult’ means hidden and refers to knowledge that is not commonly known to humanity. Occultism is a body of knowledge regarding the hidden laws of nature that can’t be readily seen or scientifically measured.

The Dark Occultists come from banking, media, law, military, law enforcement, entertainment, education, politics, medicine, and technology. They use the ancient, hidden knowledge of Natural Law to increase their own collective power at the expense of everyone else’s rights and freedoms.

What is Natural Law?

It is nothing to do with evolution, the survival or the fittest, or the law of the jungle, or the dog-eat-dog world.

Natural = Inherent to, and having a basis in, reality and nature, therefore not man-made.

Law = An existing condition that is both binding and immutable.

Binding means having an effect that cannot be escaped.

Immutable means unable to be changed by anything or anyone.

Natural Law Definition

A set of Universal, non-man-made binding and unchangeable conditions, which govern the behavioural consequence of beings with the capacity of holistic intelligence.

Natural Law governs the collective by manifesting the consequences of the free-will behavioural choices made by humanity.

The consequences received are dependent on whether the behaviour is moral or immoral (right or wrong). This is also known as karma.

Natural Laws operate in the unseen, non-physical realm so they are the hidden laws of nature which are built into the fabric of reality.

Natural Law is a science of morality which doesn’t require belief or faith. It is also known as Cosmic Law, Spiritual Law, Universal Law, Moral Law, Karma, The Golden Rule, The Law of Cause and Effect, and Consequentialism.
Human Rights

It is essential for humanity to understand what right and wrong behaviour is.

We need to define what human rights are in order to keep them.

Actions that are not rights and initiate harm to others:

  • Murder = the theft of life which is not rightfully ours to take.
  • Rape = theft of freewill sexual association.
  • Assault = theft of another person’s wellbeing without right.
  • Theft = theft of property.
  • Trespass = theft of the security of ones living domain
  • Coercion = the theft of freewill choice via violence or duress.
  • Wilfully lying = theft of necessary information which negatively impacts someone else’s ability to engage in informed decision making.

They are all variations of theft in different forms and constitute violence against other sentient beings.

Transgressions of the inherent rights of others though theft is the conduct of violence.

Moral conduct can therefore be defined as ‘don’t steal’.

It is morally wrong to initiate aggression and violence against other sentient beings.

Self Defence

We reserve the right to use physical force to defend ourselves against violence and aggression – it is an inherent right.

Equality Under Natural Law

Immoral actions are the behaviours that inflict harm to others. When we fail to hold everyone to the same account regarding the morality of their actions we create a problem for humanity.

We all have the same rights without exception including government, the police, military, or other societal institution.

Legality is not Morality

Is government authority morally legitimate?

If man’s laws are in opposition to Natural Law and therefore false or immoral it cannot be legitimately morally binding. Legal or illegal is not the same as moral or immoral. Human authority is not legitimate because it is not voluntary and is based on immoral behaviour such as coercion and violence.

Man’s Law

Does Government authority exist in nature?

It is an illegitimate man-made construct that doesn’t exist in nature. The false belief that someone has legitimate authority over others or more or less inherent rights than others is the main cause of suffering and death in the world.

Authority is an untrue, illusory, illegitimate and immoral claim that is believed by most people.

The delegation of authority to politicians, police, and military is inherently morally illegitimate. And cannot be done in nature because it is impossible to delegate a right to someone else that no one possess as an individual.


the human condition is slavery. Is taxation morally legitimate?

Taxation is theft enforced by the threat of coercion or violence.


People own their bodies and have right to choose what they put into it.

Drivers Licences

Drivers Licences are coercive restriction on the inherent right to travel.


Man-made laws that are moral opposition to natural law are morally illegitimate and not morally binding. Legitimate human interactions are voluntary and mutually agreed upon by all participants.

Man-made laws which decree and enact behaviours such as prohibition, taxation, and licensure are not voluntary. They are commands of compliance backed by the threat of violece or actual violent behaviour.

Man-made laws are arbitrary decrees of a ruling class calling themselves government who give themselves the right to rule. Those living under their jurisdiction are believed to be morally obligated to obey the arbitrary laws. Understanding that such a system is entirely based in behaviour that is coercive and immoral.

Natural Law: The Seven Hermetic Principles

The general principles of Natural Law are based on the teachings of Hermes Trismegistus otherwise known as Egyptian God Thoth. He was the messenger of the Gods who brought their teachings down to Earth.

There are seven basic underlying principles plus the binding principle which binds the other seven together. All eight together are the Master Key through which universal wisdom is de-occulted and no longer hidden.

They are Hermetically sealed because they are immutable and cannot be changed.

1. The Principle of Mentalism

All is a manifestation of mind. The Universe is mental: our thoughts manifest things and events in our reality.

Thoughts create our state of existence and the quality of our experience here on Earth.

Thoughts drive our behaviour so be responsible for your thoughts and, therefore, everything you create for yourself.

The ALL is substantial reality underlying outward appearances.

This law explains psychic phenomena.

The Master Key unlocks doors in the psychic temple of knowledge and the path to mastery.

Energy, power, and matter are subordinate to mind.

2. The Principle of Correspondence

‘As above so, below: as below, so above.’

Correspondence between the planes of the material, mental, and spiritual universe.

The Universal Law of the holographic universe whereby the microcosm comprises the whole.

A way to move the obstacles to the unknown.

Known to unknown.

3. The Principle of Vibration

Nothing rests: the universe is pure vibrational energy.

Everything vibrates in vibratory motion.

Matter is energy in vibration.

We should be in control of our own mental vibrations and those of others with the formula.


4. The Principle of Polarity

Everything is dual with two poles.

Opposites are identical in nature but different in degree.

Extremes meet in the middle.

Heat and cold are varying degrees of the same thing; a change in vibration.

Paradoxs of light and dark, soft and hard.

On the mental plane: degrees of love and hate.

Change the vibrations of hate to the vibrations of love in your mind.
Good an evil require us the to take the middle path.

Mental Alchemy is transmuting love to hate using the principle of polarity.

5. The Principle of Rhythm

Everything flows.

Tides rise and fall.

The pendulum swings in motion to and fro, equally on both sides.

Action and reaction.

The rise and fall of nations.

Hermeticists can overcome its effects by formulas and methods.

The Mental Law of Neutralisation enables us to escape its effects by neutralising the rhythmic swing through strong will.

6. The Principle of Cause & Effect

Every cause has an effect and every effect has its cause.

There are many planes of causation and no such thing as chance.

Manifested realities form due to their causes. That which has already occurred.

Humanity is trapped on the plane of effects with self-inflicted suffering.

Rise above cause and effect by mentally rising to a higher plane to become causers and effects.

The masses are obedient to the environment and the wills and desires of others’ suggestion.

Pawns on a chessboard.

Rule on ones own plane and be masters.

7. The Principle of Gender

Gender is manifested in everything throughout the Physical, Mental, and Spiritual planes.

In the physical it is expressed as sex.

On the mental plane it is the masculine and feminine aspects of the mind.

Right side of the brain: Feminine, Intuition, Compassion, Creativity.

Left side of the brain: Male, Intellect, Logic, Analytical.

The human brain has been hacked with mind control by the system to prefer one side of the brain.

When both are in balance the true intelligence is born.

Work on yourself to find equilibrium between the right and left hemispheres to how yourself and natural law.

No creation is possible without it because everything contains two elements.

8. The Lost Principle

Binds the others together.

These principles can also be found in the Kybalion and are summarised in Mark Passio’s talk on Natural law: to to around the 3 hour mark on this video:

The Kybalion – The Hermetic Philosophy

Published at the beginning of the 20th Century, The Kybalion contains the secret doctrines of Hermetic Philosophy from Ancient Egypt and Greece.

It is mystical and occult law taught by the Adepts and Masters of Ancient Egypt and in the Great Lodge of Lodges of the Mystics.

The arcane truths of the Seven Hermetic Principles are referenced in occultism, which means hidden knowledge. They are a master key to the Temple of Knowledge and the Temple of Mystery.

The Master of Masters was Hermes, the founder of astrology and alchemy. Hermes Trismegistus was known as ‘the scribe of the Gods’ in Ancient Egypt and also the Great Central Sun of Occultism.

He was a contemporary of Abraham and gave him some of his mystic knowledge.

He lived for 300 years on Earth as The Egyptian God Thoth and in Ancient Greece as Hermes, the God of Wisdom.

All esoteric teachings and religions have a base in the Hermetic Principles.

Hermetic means secret, sealed so as to not ‘cast pearls before swine’.

History has shown us that barbarians will kill those who tell them the truth, so many people with this knowledge have remained quiet until the publication of the Kybalion.

The Gnostics, the early Christians, held the Hermetic teachings until their books were burned and their teachers thrown to the lions by the Roman Constantine.

The Kybalion is the basic Hermetic Doctrines, the art of Hermetic Alchemy.

It is the mastery of mental forces and transmutation of Mental Vibrations; the true Philosophers Stone.

The Kybalion contains fundamental teachings so that we can apply them as true students.

The teachings of Hermetic Philosophy were republished at the beginning of the 20th century in a book called The Kybalion.

It was published in the understanding that humanity was ready to master the mental forces can apply the knowledge to their daily lives.

This book will attract the attention of those ready for instruction, according to Principle 6 : The Law of Cause and Effect.

It can be bought from bookshops or read online here:

The Principle of Rhythm

Hermes Trismegistus or Thoth the Atlantean, Enki’s son, was the Lord of Wisdom an emissary on Earth. He was one of the most important gods of ancient Egypt alternately said to be self-created or born of the seed of Horus from the forehead of Set. As the son of these two deities (representing order and chaos respectively) he was also god of equilibrium.  He wrote the Emerald tablets of Thoth which brought the Seven Hermetic Principles to humanity.

5. The Principle of Rhythm

Tides and flows. There is ebb and flow in everything on the physical, mental, and spiritual planes. The pendulum swing moves equally on both sides between two poles.

Rhythm works on both the mental and physical planes. The mental pendulum creates moods and emotions.

Neutralise the rhythmic swing of the pendulum by going to higher planes of consciousness to achieve mental firmness, will, and poise. This solid base can be achieved through daily meditation, breathwork, and grounding with the earth.

These practices will take us out of the reactive emotional swings and into a state of mindfulness where we are able to respond to events in a strong, yet peaceful manner.

Polarise at the Positive Pole of ‘I am’. Refuse to be swung on the pendulum of mood. Set aside mental states as being ‘not me’.

By mastering moods and neutralising rhythm you can escape cause and effect.

This is the Law of Neutralisation overcomes rhythm. Rise above and allow it to pass underneath. Become players not pawns: use the swing, don’t be used by it.

Mark Passio – Natural Law

Mark Passio explains that we are able to overcome the strong tides by using the current to assist us. At the present moment in time we are experiencing the tendency of an ebb towards darkness. To resist this tendency we are required to have stronger will and to expend more energy to break down pre-existing belief systems and move the consciousness forward. Watch from the 3:15 mark for Mark Passio’s interpretation of Principle Five.

The Kybalion

The teachings of Hermetic Philosophy were republished at the beginning of the 20th century in a book called The Kybalion. It was published in the understanding that humanity was ready to master the mental forces can apply the knowledge to their daily lives. It can be bought from bookshops or read online here: