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The Teachings of Baba Ram Dass

To cut a long story short; last week I ended up finding myself being faced with having to do a decorating job at home myself that I had tried to pay a professional to do for me.  After being let down by the decorators two rooms needed painting, so I spent time finding the right materials to get the job done.  I had prepared the rooms and found myself ready to open the first tin of paint for the mist coat on the newly plastered wall in my sitting room, when I realised with horror that I hadn’t thought about what I was going to listen to for the next three days I had allocated for the painting task.

Two years ago, when I decorated my dining room, I enjoyed listening (three times) to a seven hour YouTube compilation of all Terrance McKenna’s lectures on ethnobotany from the 1980s.  I yearned for something similar that I could really enjoy, but my mind went blank.  It was Friday, so as usual I listened to Tim Whild’s practical ascension update and after 20 minutes I had my gloves on rollering the wall with the mist coat when YouTube started to autoplay a random channel.  Usually at this point I get up and put something on of my own choosing, but because I was in the middle of painting I decided just to let it roll, and what a treat the universe sent to me: the teachings of Ram Dass.

I felt an instant rapport with his humorous style of speaking and discovered that he had an interest in some of my own paths of enquiry: psychoanalysis, psychedelics, Buddhism, and more recently Hinduism.  He brought all of his experience together in a series of lectures from the 70s, 80s, and 90s in which he discussed his own path to enlightenment, which involved being in his heart when witnessing the suffering of others, practicing meditation, and taking on his Dharma despite feeling that he wasn’t ready or pure enough to help others.

The lectures were selected and remasterd by a lovely group called The Love Serve Remember Foundation, whom I discovered also publish podcasts on their Be Here Now Network by other speakers I have previously enjoyed including: Jack Kornfield and Dr Robert Svoboda.  Jack Kornfield is a real blast from the past for me; I followed his teachings in 2007 when I got serious about meditation, while Dr Robert Svoboda is a more recent discovery after having been introduced to his work via an interview recommended by a friend regarding the use of Cannabis in Hindu culture.

The biggest take away I have received from the past three days is Ram Dass’ teachings about holding compassion and sadness for the suffering of others while simultaneously holding the balancing notion that God and the Universe have created the perfect moment for us all.  Suffering is everywhere and our task is to be aware of it without seeking to make it go away; to accept that suffering is part of the perfection of our experience whilest finding our own way to support others through their suffering.

Who are we to interfere with the path of others?  We all have our own Karma to work through and we need to remember that others do too.  However, we can assist with the relief of the suffering of others by working on ourselves, opening our hearts and remaining in our open hearts so that we can become beings full of love and light to guide and support others through their trials.

Of course, he reminds us that we often create our own suffering due to our desires; so his answer is the elimination of desire as the path to elimination of personal suffering.

He recommended reading the The Bhagavad Gita and the Love Serve Remember Foundation recommend the translation by Eknath Easwaran, which I am looking forward to reading soon along with the companion guide, The End of Sorrow: Vol 1 the End of Sor (the Bhagavad Gita for Living), also written by the same author.

Born Richard Alpert he was dismissed from his job as a professor at Harvard University in 1963 for assisting Timothy Leary with experiments using psychedelics. In 1967, he traveled to India and became a disciple of the Hindu guru Neem Karoli Baba, who gave him the name Ram Dass, meaning “Servant of Ram,” or “Servant of God”.  He died at his home on Maui in December 2019 aged 88, and shortly after the Corona Virus narrative ramped up.  It is amazing that his life’s work has provided us with all the tools we need to get through these challenging times without having to experience them himself.


Enjoy is teachings here:

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Alchemising the Ego through the Seven Sins

At its basic level of meaning the word alchemy relates to physical matter and is commonly understood to be the scientific process of converting base metals into gold. This notion is based on the human egos of greed and sloth whereby one seeks to generate vast fortunes with minimal effort.  History tells us that many men have spent entire lifetimes selfishly seeking the philosophers stone for personal gain. This behaviour translates into contemporary society as competition for the easiest and most well-paid jobs, which creates our own personal hell based on lack and fear.

This third dimensional notion of alchemy is in contrast to the higher, spiritual meaning which aids personal growth work and soul development. By learning to transmute fear into love and transform ego into soul, we can achieve self-mastery and experience heaven on Earth in the fifth dimension.

The Archontic matrix control system, as identified by the pre-Christian Gnostics who sought knowledge through research, holds at its core the manipulation of the human ego as the ultimate means of control.  In contemporary society, ego manifests in behaviours symbolised by the seven deadly sins: lust, gluttony, sloth, wrath, envy, and pride.  Humanity is programmed by society to act in ego which perpetuates our enslavement in hell, preventing us from ascending to a higher form of experience.

  • Advertising plays on lust to subjugate the feminine whereby a woman is simply a vessel for male pleasure, which diminishes the power of the divine feminine.
  • The food industry plays on emotional insecurity to promote gluttony, whereby inner lack is filled with junk food to provide a short-term dopamine hit.
  • The focus on the scarcity of resources causing us to stockpile resource and wealth at the expense of others.
  • The education system takes away our enquiring mind by spoon feeding us facts without any effort on our part to find the truth for ourselves, creating an attitude of sloth whereby someone else will solve our problems.
  • Newspapers and news programmes pitch groups against each other to create an environment of wrath or anger, which prevents unity and ultimately freedom from the system.
  • The media plays on our propensity to envy by encouraging us to ‘keep up the the Joneses’. If our friends boast about their expensive new purchases this motivates us to competitively consume more.
  • Pride prevents us from working in service to others and closes off the benevolence the universe can offer those who live in true humility.

Gnosticism teaches us that ascension can only occur once the ego is eliminated. However, there is another belief that we cannot be expected to totally eliminate the ego as we need it on a basic level for self protection; therefore it should be observed and controlled. We can use self-observation to monitor ourselves for egoic behaviour with the aim of holding it in awareness as opposed to automatically acting on it through programmed behaviour, which would leave us open to manipulation. Once we have awareness of how the ego is playing out in our lives we can work towards the elimination of each of the seven sins through transmutation.  We can identify egoic behaviour and replace it with the seven virtues: prudence, justice, temperance, courage (or fortitude) faith, hope, and charity.

Lust = Chastity (purity, abstinence) Gluttony = Temperance (humanity) Greed = Charity (sacrifice, generosity, benevolence) Sloth = Diligence (persistence) Wrath = Patience (forgiveness) Envy = Kindness (compassion) Pride = Humility (bravery, modesty)

It is possible for a human holding love in their hearts to exist in a different dimension from a neighbour living in fear.  Both live on the same street, but one experiences abundance in all ares of their life and the other experiences seemingly constant misfortune.  The woman in heart-centred service to others is given rewards from the universe that fulfil all her needs; nourishing friendships, an income from work that she enjoys, and a happy home.

In contrast, the man next door who consumes the media and lives in fear, lives selfishly and receives instant karma. This gives him the challenging experiences that may appear on the surface to be misfortune, but are purposefully sent by the universe to assist with his soul development.  He may experience redundancy from the job he hates, loss of the partner he doesn’t love, disease due to his addictions to sugar and alcohol, or loss of his home due to lack of gratitude. Through these trials he will learn about love, service to others, forgiveness, and humility but it might take thousands of lifetimes to reach completion.

For anyone living on Earth in bodily form to say that they are not living in ego, to a greater or lesser extent, is in a state of self-deception and denial. Once we have overcome ego we automatically leave our Earthly physical body and rise up in our light body to ascension. Therefore, it is impossible for someone who isn’t living in ego to exist on this Earth.  We are all living in ego and we are ultimately here with the purpose of transending it.

The Twelve Chakra System

Our chakras are energy centres of spiritual consciousness within our energy bodies. They are ‘wheels’ which should spin if they are open and activated to enable the kundalini energy to rise up the spinal column.

Chakra healing is a method of energy healing that has traditionally worked with the seven main chakras – root (base), sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye (brow) and crown.

It is essential that these seven major chakras are healed first, thus allowing the kundalini to rise and enable the additional chakras to be activated.

As the energy increases on earth, building towards ascension, we are becoming more spiritually aware so now we can start working with the five additional chakras – earth star, navel, causal, soul star and stellar gateway.

Here are the twelve chakras in the new system:

  1. Earth Star ChakraLocation: 12 inches below the feet. Colour: Black, Gold. Crystals: Nuummite, White Howlite
  2. Root ChakraLocation: Base of spine. Colour: Red. Crystal: Bloodstone, Agate, Haematite
  3. Sacral ChakraLocation: Lower abdomen. Colour: Orange, Pink. Crystals: Citrine, Carnelian
  4. Navel ChakraLocation: Just above the sacral chakra. Colour – Orange. Crystals: Fire Agate, Citrine, Sunstone
  5. Solar Plexus ChakraLocation: Solar plexus. Colour: Yellow. Crystals: Yellow Citrine, Calcite, Malachite
  6. Heart ChakraLocation: Heart. Colour: Green. Crystals: Rose Quartz, Watermelon Tourmaline, Aventurine
  7. Throat ChakraLocation: Throat. Colour: Blue. Crystals: Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, Sodalite
  8. Third Eye ChakraLocation: Brow. Colour: Indigo. Crystals: Fluorite, Azurite, Amethyst
  9. Crown ChakraLocation: Top of the head. Colour: Violet, Gold, White. Crystals: Herkimer Diamond, Clear Quartz, Amethyst
  10. Causal ChakraLocation: 3-4 inches above the Crown at the back of the head. Colour: White, Irredescent. Crystals: Blue Kyanite
  11. Soul Star ChakraLocation: 6 inches above the Crown. Colour: White, Magenta. Crystal: Selenite, Ascension Stones
  12. Stellar Gateway ChakraLocation: 12 inches above the Crown. Colour: Gold. Crystal: Calcite

Keep Calm and Carry On into 5D

The energies coming down over the coming months will continue to stir things up to boiling point for everyone on planet Earth. This means that in 3D reality we are going to expect the media and the government to further provoke us into angry reactions to their increasingly draconian demands. From the perspective of the dark side this serves the purpose of lowering the collective vibrational frequency to prevent mass wake-ups and ascension to 5D.

The best thing to do is disengage from all of the media; radio, TV, and newspapers, to avoid their increasingly desperate attempts at provocation. Remember that the dark side are playing a role which will ultimately wake up the sleepers, so we have to allow it to play-out.

On a day-to-day level the energies will play-out as aggression and negativity from people we come up against at work, socially, or when out shopping. The energies are causing people to release their own negativity which can come out as attacks and outbursts. This energy will be stronger in towns, shopping areas and places of high density living so it is essential to smudge regularly and shower or bathe in Epsom Salts every night to clear your energy field.

Remember that it isn’t our job to wake people up, only to plant seeds, so don’t feel that you have to engage in endless debates on social media which ultimately deplete us of life-force energy. Refill with daily Qigong (Chi Kung).

Many light workers will also find their personal and work lives thrown into turmoil, adding additional stress to the collective load. This turmoil is necessary to change our lives for the better, but the process will be tough as we release people and responsibilities that no longer serve us.

The aim of archontic control system is to bring as many light workers down as possible. This is why we must remain heart-centred at all times and respond to situations and people calmly. We should not give-in to any provocation. Daily meditation, focussing on the breath, and 20mins daily contact with the Earth will help us to remain centred and grounded in these challenging times.

5D living will require us to live from heart-centredness and not ego. This means observing the turmoil around us and remaining in love and peace. Any reaction such as anger is a sign that the ego is in control. We cannot ascend in this state so self-observation is essential.

Activating Discernment

As we move into the fifth Dimension (and possibly higher for some) we will naturally become less dependent on gurus, teachers, computer models, and written sources for direction. We will still use them for information gathering, but ultimately we will be discerning the truth for ourselves.

We know that both the White Hats and the Cabal have used ‘Project Looking Glass’ to see into the future so that they can intercede on events to control their own outcome. However, we also know that no matter how many times they run it, they can only reliably see a maximum of six months ahead. The Mayans used their best psychics and saw thousands of years into the future; predicting the end of the age at 2012 and the beginning of the twenty-year ascension window, which we are now half-way through. Those psychics were much more powerful than a computer and so are we!

We all have a third eye, which once fully opened will enable us to connect to our higher selves for direct downloads of information that is right for us at the right time. See a previous post on detoxing the pineal gland which is essential to remove all the sabotage the system has imposed on us through fluoride toothpaste and clacium carbonate supplements.

When we are fully healed, having let go of ego, patriarchal energy, and all of the emotional wounding from our past, we can become a very clear channel. This gives us the ability to bring down pure information, that is not distorted, to assist us with our mission here on Earth.

If we have developed our intuition we will get very strong feelings of ‘inner knowing’ (see a previous post on gifts and clair senses). It is essential to trust this and act on it or the ability will be taken away – it is like a muscle that needs to be exercised in order to become stronger.

This could also be our ‘gut feeling’ which many of us have been trained to ignore. Gut feeling for me is a pain or twinge in my stomach when a situation or person doesn’t ‘feel right’. It is our emergency warning system to get out of a potentially threatening situation before it turns bad.

Alcohol, street drugs, and pharmaceuticals are designed and marketed by the cabal to cut us off from our intuition so that we become reliant on the media and politicians for direction.

Once we have stepped out of the matrix we can develop our own personal guidance system by using our hearts to discern truth:

  • Drop into your heart by thinking about something or someone you really love: your pet or child for example.
  • Feel what this feeling of true love really feels like physically.
  • Ask yourself a question which you know the answer to: ‘Do I like cheese?’.
  • Feel the true answer come through your heart. What does this feel like physically?
  • If you do like cheese feel how your heart feels when it says yes. Does it expand and feel warmer?
  • Now try a phrase that you know is untruthful: saying ‘I do not like x’.
  • How does an incorrect statement feel in your heart? Is it jarring, painful, contracting, empty?
  • We can then practice heart centred discernment to navigate through information from videos, talks, and books to find our own truth.

This is the time to stop immediately accepting the often forceful beliefs of the egoic bullies who can be found in all groups. Rather than allowing ourselves to get triggered by a new piece of information that has been insensitively delivered we can thank them for sharing their opinion and tell them we will consider what they have said. We can put what they say on our ‘for further research shelf’. This means that we don’t dismiss what they say outright but keep it for future consideration.

Usually if I hear the same recommendation three times I know that I need to look at it in more detail. For example, three different people each suggesting I read the same book. I will then read the book and feel what aspects of it resonate for me. I know that I don’t have to accept all the ideas in the book, only those that I intuitively feel are truthful for me.

I will then not recommend the book to others unless there is something in it that I know is specifically pertinent for that person. If we tell everyone to look at everything we read we put people into overwhelm.

We can also not automatically expect everyone to resonate with our truth. As we heal ourselves we will automatically drop those relationships with people with whom we nolonger resonate and move into soul mate relationships and soul groupings where we are all resonating at the same vibration, sharing the same truths.

Above all we need to share our truth in a gentle way that doesn’t seek to control others or try to ‘be right’. This is another ego trap. We need to find balance between recognising and trusting our own intutition and being open to acknowledging the truth of others; even when seems to be at odds with our own guidance.

If we allow ourselves to go into ego we will make the assumption that we are better than others and seek to elevate our own status in the group whilest pushing others down. This trap occurs when the ego subconciously feels threatened by the possiblity that another group member has greater power than us. It is a sign that we need to do more work on self-worth. All such triggers are signposts to the inner work.

I am not wrong, you are not right.
I am not right, you are not wrong.


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