My Healing Journey

I have spent the last twenty years addressing some major health issues through nutrition, naturopathy, homeopathy, cranial osteopathy, osteopathy, reiki, acupuncture, and spiritual healing. Over this period I made lifestyle changes such as cutting out alcohol, caffeine, and sugar, eating organic foods, avoiding toxins, and using only natural products on my skin. My research into vaccines, together with an interest in using herbs and supplements as a prevention to disease, led me to become an admin on a Facebook group supporting over 10,000 mothers and fathers with natural approaches to family health.

For over 20 years I experienced a 30 to 50 day cycle and found that the doctors’ solution of prescribing various contraceptive pills didn’t suit me. I had PCOS confirmed by ultrasound which was cleared with acupuncture and later confirmed with another scan. I was also experiencing  early ovulation, causing infertility so that it took four years to conceive my first daughter. Regular monthly acupuncture soon brought me into a 28 day cycle with ovulation on day 14 so that my second only took two months to conceive. Both of my girls are in excellent health through good nutrition combined with conscious, mindful support and a happy home life. I use Reiki, herbs, and homeopathy for minor ailments.

Training in Reiki and meditation has enabled me to heal myself on an emotional, spiritual, mental and physical level through daily practice.

I healed my underactive thyroid with Dr David Brownstein’s Iodine Protocol together with the supplementation of other essential minerals. I came off antidepressants for the fifth and final time after taking high dose Lugol’s Iodine which cleared up my ‘Generalised Anxiety Disorder’, which was actually low thyroid function due to halide toxicity. I was then inspired to set up my own group on Facebook assisting over 1,000 women with natural approaches to thyroid health. Many women are left in misery with exhaustion and brain-fog and are given the pill, antidepressants, and Levothyroxine which do nothing to help them to be the best version of themeslves. As a result they can have breakdowns in their relationships.

Having had my scoliosis corrected through osteopathy and cranial osteopathy my chronic neck pain was corrected by a dentist trained in orthopaedic orthodontics. This involved widening my jaw and moving my teeth forwards with appliances and fixed braces alongside cranial treatment and means that I no longer need to take painkilling medication.

After attending a spiritual healing retreat I experienced further profound healing on a physical and emotional level. I went on to regularly hold space for three Shamen trained in different forms of Bwiti (a form of spiritual healing from Gabon in West Africa) when I developed my own energy healing abilities.

I then experienced the practice of another Shaman who used drumming for spiritual healing. The positive results I experienced inspired me to learn a form of Native American Shamanism from my teacher Scott Silverston of Shamanic Spirit Medicine. This course was about working on ones self with the techniques in order to become a clear channel for others. I spent a year working through the three levels of his ‘applied Shamanism’ course and during that time developed my own Shamanic practice.

I now provide Energy Healing,  Shamanic Journeying, and Sound Healing for women to enable them to fulfil their full potential in work and relationships.