About Rose Autumn

Rose Autumn is a Shamanic Practitioner, Art Tutor, Lecturer, and Artist working in Petersfield, East Hampshire, in the South East of England.

Rose has completed a Shamanic Apprenticeship with Scott Silverston of Shamanic Spirit Medicine. She works as a Shamanic Practitioner for Personal Healing and Space Clearing and she can also assist with the Crossing of Spirits from this realm to the next. She is able to do all of this both in person and via distance work.

For Personal Healing Rose uses Shamanic techniques to heal trauma and illness. She also assists with Personal Transformation work by clearing unwanted patterns of behaviour to empower women so that they can achieve their full potential.

Space Clearing involves the removal of negative energies and trapped spirits from homes, work places, and land that may be affecting the luck and prosperity of the people who reside in them. Rose creates better vitality, health, and well-being for the occupants of residential property and business premises by transforming stagnant energy patterns into peaceful, harmonious environments.

Crossing Spirits involves assisting people who are at the end of their lives, who may be struggling with fears about death or have an unwillingness to leave the body, to ensure that they have a smooth transition and do not remain ‘stuck’ as a trapped spirit.

Rose is a trained Tutor & Lecturer having completed a certificate in teaching adults at Chichester College. Formerly a visiting lecturer at the City & Guilds of London Art School, where she delivered lectures and individual tutorials to undergraduate and postgraduate painting students, she now visits professional and amateur artists for tutorials in their own studios and provides lectures and demonstrations to local art groups and schools.

As an Artist, having achieved a First Class BA in Painting and a Distinction in MA Fine Art, Rose has achieved national success with her photorealistic charcoal drawings and paintings of domestic interiors showing in competition exhibitions, public galleries, and selling her work at art fairs and with private art dealers.