Rose Autumn is a Shamanic Practitioner, Artist, Art Tutuor, and Lecturer working in Hampshire in the South East of England. She has completed a Shamanic Apprenticeship with Scott Silverston of Shamanic Spirit Medicine. She works as a Shamanic Practitioner for Shamanic Healing and Space Clearing.

For Shamanic Healing Rose conducts Shamanic journey sessions, a traditional method used by indigenous cultures for over 50,000 years, which can heal physical illnesses. She also assists with Personal Transformation work by reprogramming the limbic system to heal trauma and family of origin issues. This clears unwanted patterns of behaviour to empower women so that they can achieve their full potential. Rose can perform Shamanic Healing and Personal Transformation work by distance or face-to-face sessions.

Space Clearing involves the removal of negative energies from homes, work places, and land that may be affecting the luck and prosperity of the residents. Rose creates better vitality, health, and well-being for the occupants of residential property and business premises by transforming stagnant energy patterns into peaceful, harmonious environments.


As an Artist, with a First Class BA in Painting and a Distinction in MA Fine Art, she was awarded the drawing prize at the National Open Art Competition and The Brian Sinfield Fine Arts Award at Pastels Today.  Her drawings have been selected for the Jerwood Drawing Prize, The Manifest International Drawing Annual, and Drawing Room II, a survey of contemporary drawing at the Royal West of England Academy.

Rose is a trained Tutor & Lecturer having completed a certificate in teaching adults at Chichester College. Formerly a visiting lecturer at the City & Guilds of London Art School, where she delivered lectures and individual tutorials to undergraduate and postgraduate painting students, she now visits professional and amateur artists for tutorials in their own studios and gives lectures and demonstrations to local art groups and schools.